4 Escape Room Tips To Help You Improve Your Skills!

by Sean Dixon

Escape Room Tips

With 96% of the population doing some type of leisure activity each day, you’ve got company if you enjoy taking a break from work and chores. And if you like a good challenge, nothing checks that box quite like an escape room. But how do you master the art of finding your way out if you’re heading to an escape room soon?

Keep reading to find the 4 best escape room tips that will have you conquering this challenge!

  1. Surround Yourself with the Right People

You’re only as strong as the other members of your team. That means you need to choose an escape room team that loves problem-solving and communicates well. Find friends with puzzle skills, confidence, and good time management to join your team.

Team members should speak up when they discover a clue or have a potential solution. Encourage collaboration and make sure that no one is talking over their team members. If you or your team members fail to listen to each other, you might just miss out on a critical nugget of information.

  1. Take Advantage of Clues

When you’re putting your puzzle skills to the test, you might be tempted to forgo clues when you’re in an escape room. After all, it feels more impressive to say you managed to escape without extra help. But if you’re trying to improve your skills, don’t give in to pride.

You may be able to indicate how many clues you want to receive on the front end of a game. Or you may have a cap. In any case, don’t be afraid to take incremental steps toward improvement by accepting helpful clues.

  1. Share Problem-Solving Responsibilities

Make a plan to delegate responsibilities when you’re in an escape room. You’ll find that the setup of these spaces is such that divvying up problem-solving tasks comes naturally.

Just be clear on who does what at the onset. Otherwise, you’ll risk too much overlap that will stall your efforts to escape.

You could assign portions of the room to different people. For instance, one person can look under all furniture while another can examine shelves and higher storage spaces.

You’ll need everyone to look carefully to find clues. See this escape room page to learn more about what you can expect!

  1. Watch Your Time

Finally, assign a person from your group to wear a watch and keep tabs on time. When you’re immersed in a collaborative puzzle, it’s easy to forget that the clock is ticking. And there’s a chance you won’t have an obvious clock in your room.

Ask your clock watcher to give updates every 5 minutes. That way, you can reprioritize tasks when you’re getting down to the wire.

Follow These Escape Room Tips

When you try these escape room tips, you just might find your way out. Assemble a team with strong problem-solving skills and divvy up responsibilities. Keep an eye on the clock and use the clues to your advantage.

For more ideas to make your leisure time better, check back soon for new articles!

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