Christmas Gift Inspiration for the Kids!

by Sean Dixon

Christmas can be an excellent opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and create cherished memories together. While this might be the most important thing during the festive season, seeing your kids unwrap their gifts on Christmas morning can be all part of the joy. As a parent, you already have a lot of other things to consider when you are planning for the festivities and searching for the perfect gifts isn’t always the easiest task. Your children might have expressed their interest in certain gifts that could be useful, but if they haven’t indicated anything to you, or you would still like to get them a few surprises, here is a quick list of ideas that you might find inspiring.

New Books

Reading can be a wonderful pastime, and if you are trying to encourage your kids to spend less time on screens, then a few new books can be an excellent choice. Whether it’s a collection of non-fiction books that can be educational, fantasy, or any other genre you think is suitable for your kids, give them the gift of escaping into literature. You never know, it could also inspire them to try some creative writing themselves or fall in love with a new author that they haven’t heard of before. It can also help to improve their literacy skills, too.

Arts and Crafts Kits

Another good option for kids’ Christmas gifts is one or two arts and crafts sets, as this can be a calming activity and also teach them some new skills. There are many different options to choose from too, like cross-stitch, embroidery, mosaics, woodwork, pottery, painting, and much more. This can be an ideal gift for children who do have a bit of a creative and artistic streak, and these sets could keep them occupied for hours. It might also help them discover new interests and talents that they might continue into adulthood.

Puzzles and Board Games

A lot of kids might prefer to play on game consoles and tablets in the modern era, but that doesn’t mean some more traditional board games and puzzles can’t keep them entertained. Furthermore, these games are great for playing with friends and can even be a lot of fun with the family on rainy afternoons, or even during the Christmas holidays! Puzzles can also help to improve your kid’s cognitive functions and problem-solving abilities, so they are both a lot of fun and beneficial to their development.

A Letter from Santa Claus

This is a great surprise gift for the younger children in your household, and they will be thrilled to receive a personalized letter from Santa on Christmas morning. You can arrange for their Santa letter to arrive online, and there are options to have additional things added to your package like activity sheets and stickers. While this will be a wonderful gift to open on Christmas day, you can always order this for the week or so leading up to Christmas if you are looking for ways to keep your little ones occupied during the school holidays, or to help them get into the festive spirit.

Grow-Your-Own Kits

Arts and crafts are great, but grow-your-own kits for kids can teach them good life skills by showing them how to grow vegetables or other plants from seeds. In a world that is becoming ever more concerned with the environment and sustainability, encouraging kids to learn the basics of growing produce themselves can help to set them up for doing this as adults. It can also be a great introduction to botanical sciences, and they will love to enjoy the flowers or tasty fruits/vegetables when they finally bloom. If you’re a keen gardener yourself, this might also be a good way to gently encourage your kids to help you out in the backyard, too, and could become a lovely hobby you can share.

Baking Kits

If you don’t think arts and crafts or gardening is something that will interest your children, baking kits can be a good alternative. Again, this is another important skill that they should learn, and enjoying the sweet treats fresh out of the oven will be the perfect reward for their hard work. For children, baking kits for things like cupcakes, cookies, and traybakes might be ideal, but you can explore bread options or perhaps other savory treats as well if you think your kids would like that.

New Tech Gadgets

For older children who might be living a more independent lifestyle, treating them to some new tech gadgets is likely to go over well. Smartwatches, wireless headphones, portable chargers, and tablets are all possibilities to explore for your teenager who likes to be on the go. If they love taking photos with their friends, you could even look at getting them a printer for their smartphone so that they can get instant photos to put in an album or frames in their bedroom.

New Clothes

It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s always nice to get some new attire to add to your closet. Whether it’s a cozy sweater for the winter, a soft new robe, and slippers, a pretty dress, or some stylish new t-shirts, your kids will appreciate some fresh clothes as gifts. Alternatively, you could give your kid’s gift vouchers to some clothing stores if you think they would rather choose the items themselves to better express their sense of style.

There is always a lot to do when the Christmas season comes around, and while it can be an exciting time of year, it can also be stressful for parents who are trying to organize everything. While you might have some clues as to what your children would like for Christmas, if you are looking for ideas for additional gifts to surprise them, consider the suggestions above and see which ones you think will go down well. Not only can these gifts be a lot of fun, but some can have educational purposes, too.

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