4 Top Tips for Cookie Decorating

by Carter Toni

Cookies are for all year round- that is just a fact. But those of us who love to get creative in the kitchen will probably find themselves branching out and decorating their baked creations more than usual around the holiday period.

That being said, this is the time you want to be trialing and experiencing errors the least, especially if you are planning on giving your creations as gifts!

That is why this piece has been created to help you avoid those mistakes and put into practice some top tips curated by the experts!

Invest in A Cookie Stamp or Stencil

Trying to shape and design things yourself can get pretty frustrating and messy quickly, and if you are looking to create and decorate a cookie that will look fantastic without all of the stress, then investing in a cookie stamp or a stencil can save you a bunch of time.

Not only will all of your cookies turn out uniform and neat, but you will not have to worry about messing up half as much as if you were shaping or decorating freehand. Stencils are also another good tool for this- not to mention both of these items will help your cookie decorating look professional!

Master the Dough

The dough will make a world of difference in how good your cookies taste and how they turn out aesthetically. If you find that your dough is too thick, there is a good chance that the shapes you have cut your dough into will grow out, making them look messy and sometimes not like the original shape at all!

Too thin dough can leave the cookies fragile, which means they could snap really easily after they have been cooked.

Finding this happy balance is important to enable you to create the perfect cookie!

Think Outside of The Box

You might look in your draw and find a square cookie cutter and think nothing of it – to you, it might just be a basic square. But to someone thinking outside of the box, a square could be a ‘gift’ shaped cookie, a window of a house with a scene inside it, or even a painting! If you can let your imagination run a little, you will start to see ideas you might not have thought of doing before, even though you are left with the same tools you have always had.

Make More Than You Think You Need

There is not much worse than to start making a batch of cookies only to realize you do not have enough dough or icing. It is much better to make more than you think you will need and have leftovers to make little outcast cookies than it is to be short, and either have to sacrifice the quantity made or have to start another dough from scratch. Besides, those little leftovers will be the tester cookies, right? Because you have to make sure they taste good before you hand them out!

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