5 Ways A Speech And Language Pathologist Could Help You

by Carter Toni

Language Pathologist Could Help You

Speech and Language pathologists (SLPs) or speech therapists are professionals who diagnose and treat speech, language, social communication, and swallowing disorders. SLP practice includes those who want to communicate more effectively, have difficulty eating or swallowing, and treat people with tracheostomies. They are highly educated and trained to help children and adults with swallowing or impaired speech disorders. Below are a few ways an SLP can help you-

Helps You Improve The Quality Of Your Voice

An average speaker may not find it necessary to improve the quality of voice. However, a professional voice user, like a singer, teacher, or keynote motivational speaker, will find it extremely useful to discuss ways to improve their voice quality.

Professional voice users require some extra efficiency in the system, or the voice could get damaged. Speech and language therapists can train people to use their voices more effectively. This way, their voice won’t get impacted even if they spend the entire day speaking.

Helps You With Swallowing Issues

Do you know that cancer or other neurological issues can affect the movements of the throat, lips, larynx, etc.? It may also affect swallowing and cause issues, like the feeling of food sticking in the throat, coughing during or after eating, food remaining in the mouth even after swallowing, drooling, and more!

The professional speech-language pathologists at Summit Speech Therapy can help the patient regain these movements. First, you will be asked to have a swallowing test. The therapist monitors the test carefully and observes the mouth, throat movements. They use exercises and techniques to increase the person’s control over the swallowing ability, like biting techniques, head position techniques, oral intake techniques, etc.

Summit Speech Therapy

Helps Adults Who Stutter

Stuttering is a prevalent speech disorder in which a person repeats words or experiences difficulty pronouncing them. It is found that feelings like anxiety, tension, excitement, etc., influence stuttering. Speech therapy at home or clinic can prove to be useful for the stutters.

A speech therapy professional helps stutters fight against their fears and tell them some practices to minimize stuttering. Sometimes, they may feel difficulty pronouncing some words or sounds clear. They will show how to get through this problem while speaking. An SLP generally advise stuttering patients the following things-

  • Avoid words that might trigger the person’s stutter.
  • Use certain gestures to calm the nerves.
  • Talk slowly and effectively.
  • Practice trigger words to boost fluency.

Helps In Accent Modification

Speech therapy is not only for those who have a speaking disorder. Anyone who wants to improve their accent can also seek help from speech therapists. SLPs first help people determine how they currently sound and then determine if they can be trained for the new accent. For individuals looking to improve their English pronunciation and communication skills, accent reduction Toronto programs are the ideal choice. These programs are tailored to the specific needs of each participant, with expert instructors providing personalized coaching and feedback. With a focus on clear, effective communication, these programs can help individuals boost their confidence, enhance their career prospects, and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

The first step in accent modification is to understand where you should emphasize more or less. As it isn’t a speech disorder, remember that the insurance won’t pay an SLP.

Helps You Get More Confident Voice

People with voice or speaking disorders struggle with anxiety and low confidence levels. They often shy away from talking with their peers and fear being ridiculed. A speech language pathologist helps patients gain the confidence to speak without hesitation.

When a person speaks without faults, their confidence rises naturally, which allows them to lead a better-quality life. A good speech language therapist allows you to start communication without requiring a prompt from anyone. This boosts confidence to exchange ideas better so that the person can enjoy communicating with others.


These are some of the ways a good SLP can help you. If you have any speaking or swallowing issues, you can get in touch with these professionals and schedule an appointment. They will diagnose the problem and provide you with the best treatment.

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