4 Ways to Boost the Health of Your Workforce

by Carter Toni

Employers count on their staff for a lot. Without them, there would be no business and no success. But simply having staff onboard isn’t enough; you also need a trained, experienced, motivated and healthy workforce to meet their peak targets. The health of a workforce is something that has become even more important over these past couple of years during the pandemic, as employers have learned that keeping employees healthy is good for the bottom line.

If you want to boost the health of your workforce but aren’t sure where to get started, these tips can help.

Provide Employees with an Impressive Benefits Package

One of the best things you can do for employee health is provide staff with a comprehensive benefits package. With healthcare coverage, they don’t have the threat of looming financial ruin over their heads simply because they fall ill. It will also encourage them to see doctors when symptoms and issues pop up and to go for regular check-ups that help prevent issues from arising. A benefits package can also help to lessen the cost of prescription medication, which is necessary for their health.

Unsure if a benefits package is necessary? It’s a good idea to look into what is offered in both healthcare benefit plans and supplemental plansand how easy it is for the employee to use/access. This chart compares the FirstLine Benefits catalog with another popular offering that features benefits on a flex card to make things easy for employees. The flex card alone could be enough to sway you to choose the provider.

Give Employees Personal Health and Wellness Days

While giving employees a set number of holidays each year is normal, providing them with personal health and wellness days hasn’t yet become the norm. This can make a huge difference though as employees can use these days to do important errands, schedule doctor appointments outside of work hours or even just kick back and relax.

Personal health and wellness days show employees that you are serious about their health and you’re making it a priority. In that regard, it can act as an incentive when hiring new employees and retaining top talent.

Promote Physical Exercise During the Day

If you’re of the mindset that employees need to be seated at their desksworking at all times to be productive, it’s time for a reality check. This isn’t the case at all, and just the opposite may be true. Encouraging employees to get up, do some light stretches, take a walk around the office and move about will help to energize them, improve their concentration and focus and help them to be more productive.

Give Access to Mental Health Support Tools

Unfortunately,mental health is still something that is stigmatized, but you can do your part as an employer and not allow that to be the case in your company. Giving employees access to mental health support means they don’t have to feel as though there’s no help and that no one cares.

No matter what systems, procedures and policies you have in place, if you aren’t prioritizing the health of your workforce, you won’t be able to get the most out of them.

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