Impress Your Friends With 4 Gifts from the Smart Watch Diwali Offer Sale

by Carter Toni

Are you tired of exchanging boxes of Soan Papdi with your neighbours, family friends and relatives? Does the box of desi mithai and dry fruits ring a bell? Hell, yes. It is the festive season again, and you are again left wondering what to gift your friends that go beyond the usual cliched dry fruits and box of sweets. Well, you are correct in thinking so.

4 Gifts from the Smart Watch Diwali Offer Sale

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As a new-age hi-tech-loving person, you would consider sweets and dry fruits banal. And they are. So, here comes the power tech. How about impressing them with high-tech gadgets? How about gifting your friends’ smart watches? With the ongoing smart watch Diwali offer, you might also like to explore some hi-tech options that smart watches offer this festive season. Sounds interesting? If you find this idea interesting, you must check out the following smartwatch options, which can prove to be power gifts during the smart watch Diwali offer sale.

Smart Touch Screen Watch with Aluminium case


With a mega 25% off and a budget-friendly price of INR 8995, this Smart Touch Screen Watch is a fab gift for your friends. It has a 24X7 SPO2 tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, 14 days battery life, and a way to track women’s health. The VO2 Max offers Hydration Alerts, Reminders and is equipped with a Built-in Alexa. With a complete health suite, you can measure your body vitals, tracking your blood saturation, heart rate, or your next period cycle. You can do it all – directly from your wrist.It has a 360X360 stunning immersive crystal display with premium full touch to support easy taps, swipes, and control, giving you a truly premium experience at your fingertips. How can your friends not be impressed?

VO2 Max helps you track your endurance levels, acts as an indicator of your fitness level, and helps assess your physical performance. It offers 50+ watch faces to suit your every look. So, style yourself however you want. We have a watch face to go with it. You can also customize your own. You can also play on any ground with 14 sports modes – measure your heart rate zones, track your speed through cadence when you cycle or set the number of laps you want to cover on your swim.This watch piece from the smart watch Diwali offer sale is resistant to water and receptive to fun. So, whether you are getting drenched in the rain or want to go for a swim, we have got you covered with 5 ATM water resistance. 

Smart 2 – Touch Screen Smart Watch with Aluminium case

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Get this Smart 2 Touch Screen Watch on smart watch Diwali offer sale has a 46% off on its price. At only INR 6995, you get a complete health suite that includes SPO2, sleep tracker, women’s health tracker, hydration alerts, reminders, and more. With a 1.78″ AMOLED Display, 7 days battery life*, 14+ sports modes (including cricket), over 100 watch faces, stress monitor, period tracker, sleep monitor, 24X7 HRM and vibrant colour straps, you cannot impress your friend more.

Talk – Touch Screen Black BT Calling Smart Watch with Aluminium Case

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If you are looking for more options, you should check out this Talk Smart Bluetooth Watch with Black Silicone Strap watch at the smart watch Diwali offer sale. It comes at a discount of 33% at INR 9995. It offers BT calling with crystal voice technology, AI voice assistant, music storage and playback. It has built-in games to keep you engaged, 20 multi-sports modes, 100+ watch faces, HRM camera control, 50+ songs on your device and more. What more can your friend want?

Smart Pro Touch Screen Smart Watch with Black Strap AluminiumCase

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With a 20% discount on the smart watch Diwali offer price of INR 11995, this Smart Pro smart watch offers an AMOLED display, GPS to make your workouts highly accurate, and 14 days battery life*, so you can charge and forget for 2 weeks.Additionally, it has a body temperature monitor and a complete health suite, including SPO2, period tracker, HRM, and more. It offers 5 strap colour options to match your vibe and 100+ watch faces for every style. With 14+ sports modes to pick your ground, notifications, music control, camera control, phone finder, handwashing reminders, stopwatch, timer and alarm, weather alerts and more, you can only become a pro.


With so many hi-tech options to choose from, you will never have to go back to the box of Soan Papdi or dry fruits. Impress your friends with your choice of gifts. Do not forget to check out reputed brands such as Titan, Fastrack and Sonata as the smart watch Diwali offer sale is still on. So, do not wait, hurry!

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