4 WordPress Plugins a Blogger Can’t Live Without

by Carter Toni

In today’s time, one of the best ways of getting new business is through blogging. Almost every blogger of the current time in WordPress for their website as they perceive it is a crucial business strategy. Indeed, as a blogger, you might need to shift your attention from direct traffic generation activities when you allocate time for crafting content for the WordPress website.

However, this is a necessary evil that never cuts deeply into the profit. This is why WordPress freelancers and consultants are now employing a system of the top WordPress plugins for bloggers. It streamlines the process of optimizing sharing and crafting content. A WordPress Development Agency always uses plugins To simplify the content creation procedure for their clients.

Here is a List of WordPress Plugins a Blogger Can’t Live Without 

It is vital to understand that the job of the WordPress plugin is not to assist you in writing, editing, or brainstorming the blog post. You can only use this valuable content creation Framework as the beginning point for best blogging management. Down below are some of the best WordPress plugins that are a must-have for 2021:

1. Search Optimization WordPress Plugin: When you are a WordPress blogger or consultant, do not pay heed to the misconception that you have to excel in SEO. This is because not being familiar with the numerous strategies employed to optimize the WordPress blog post is common. However, it can be unpleasant, especially when you want the content to perform well in the search engines. You can guarantee that things move as per your specifications by employing the Yoast SEO plugin. This is one of the top WordPress plugins for bloggersas it lets you:

  • Craft an optimized and truncated Slug consisting of the focus keyword
  • Content Optimization around one focus keyword
  • Writing a custom meta description and title. The plugin will then assess it depending on its performance in the search engines. Green, yellow and red means good, okay, and in need of some work, respectively.

We can see that you need some guesswork for generating search engine-friendly and high-quality blog posts. You can write and save the drafts and allow the plugin to evaluate the content and extend actionable insights into enhancing it.

2. Image Optimization WordPress Plugin: Any content that comes with visuals is more appealing to the users as they can remember it more, followed by sharing on social media. When you are a business owner and incorporate visuals, you can more easily convey the message in the blog posts. However, it never means jeopardizing the Function of a blog post simply due to a blurry resized image. However, you do not have to be an expert photographer to guarantee that the visual media appears appealing on the blog.

There is no need for you to be an expert photographer to guarantee that the visual media appears appealing on the blog. You require a WordPress plugin like EWWW for image Optimization that is almost utilized by every reputed WordPress Development Agencyof today’s time. Indeed, you won’t be able to create or Discover images for the blog with the plugin. Still, it will guarantee the images are embedded at a complete resolution and compressed to an accurate size, thereby maintaining performance.

3. Editorial Flow Management WordPress Plugin: Out of the seven Ps of content creation, the most important is planning the topics. It is the most crucial portion of any content creation process. However, we have to keep in mind the content marketing tips and the requirement for social sharing automation in today’s time. This is the space where the top WordPress Plugins for bloggerssuch as CoSchedule comes in. With this, you can plan the blog post-publication and creation schedule in advance and incorporate the social sharing content. The result is going to be remarkable when automation and multitasking amalgamate perfectly together. Writing content for the WordPress blog is a challenge in itself. Hence it will be useful when you allocate time once a month. Thinking about the topic you will be writing about next. You can begin by putting the topic down on your calendar and setting the publication dates following automation for posting it on social media.

4. Conversions WordPress Plugin: What is the best way of ensuring that your target audience actually reads the blogs? You can ensure this when you put the blogs in front of them, which means in their inboxes. However, doing that is not possible if you do not get hands-on with their email addresses.

Even a few times back, blogs depended heavily on the sidebar for holding the “Subscribe Now.” Various contact forms were required for attracting visitors to share the email addresses. However, this need not be the scenario anymore. This is because most people who go through numerous blogs daily have generated sidebar-blindness. This is the reason why creating engaging subscription forms is important.

One of the top WordPress Plugins for bloggersis the Popup Maker plugin, as this does not restrict you to only one kind of pop-up for the contact form. If you are thinking of technologies for conversion generation, then this is the best plugin you can use. With this, it is even possible to create sticky notifications and hello bars. This plugin easily integrates with the sought-after contact form plugins, which you can merge with your present form plugin.

Summing It Up 

If blogging is your expertise, you have to get hold of the top WordPress plugins for bloggers. Walking the walk is necessary if you want to persuade your potential customers to show interest in the “talk.” This makes blogging for the WordPress website a requirement in today’s time. It is vital to note that blogging goes beyond just post writing and tapping on the “Publish” button. Simultaneously, blogging does not have to be time-consuming.

It would be best if you allocated time to schedule meetings with potential clients and consult with the present ones. You have to strike the balance that you easily can with the help of the plugins, as discussed above. You can learn about which plugins to utilize as well from a sound WordPress Development Agency. Become a pro at blogging management with the best WordPress plugins.

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