5 Amazing Ways to Preserve Your Bridal Bouquets!

by Sean Dixon

Flowers are the most beautiful and memorable additions to your wedding decor. Without flower arrangements, it is nearly impossible to imagine a wedding celebration. Stunning and exotic wedding flowers in London can help enhance wedding decor and allow you to live your dream wedding. With sentiments attached to your wedding bouquet, it can be hard to say goodbye to your wedding flower arrangements.

If you are not ready to simply throw away your wedding bouquet or flower arrangements, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have listed some effective ways to store your wedding flowers and cherish them forever.

Here are the five best tips on how to store your bridal bouquet after the ceremony.

  1. Press your bouquet

If you are looking to preserve your entire bridal bouquet or a bunch of your wedding flowers, then pressing your bouquet might be an ideal solution for you. You can frame your flowers after in them and install the same in your new house. To add a more personal touch and enhance the visual appeal of your frame you can attach your wedding photos or other images that hold a memory of your relationship.

  1. Dry your flowers

One of the best ways to preserve the original form of your wedding flower is to let them air-dry. Hang your flower bouquet upside down by unwrapping the bouquet and cutting away the tape or ribbon attached to the same. Hang them in the hallway area for perfect temperature and let them dry for a couple of days. You can also hang them separately one by one to store the best possible form of the flower.

  1. Use silica gel

Silica gel is another famous and modern way to preserve your wedding flowers. With silica gel, you can convert your wedding flowers into the shape and size of your choice. This method allows you to store the original texture of your wedding flowers without compromising the shape or size of your original flower. While using silica gel ensure your container is airtight and wide enough to store your flowers.

  1. Make resin flower paperweight

Another permanent storing option for your wedding flowers is resin designs. The resin storing method can help you store your flowers in the best artistic way. It allows you to store the original form and texture of your flower in any design and pattern. You can create a paperweight, resin home decor, jewelry tray, or any other structure of your choice.

  1. Dip your bouquet in wax

 Lastly, for temporary storing solutions you can consider dipping your flower bouquet in wax. Wax can help you extend the life of your flowers for up to six months and keep the original form of your flowers intact for that period. This can be an ideal solution if you want to store your flowers only for a few months.

When choosing flowers for your wedding, consider hiring services from reputable and reliable flower delivery in London. 

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