5 Awesome Ways to Upgrade your Dressing Style!

by Sean Dixon

you are what you wear

How you dress significantly impacts how people perceive you. In most cases, you will hear people say you are what you wear. The habit of judging people based on their clothes is attributed to the fact that most people rely on clothes as social marks of wealth and status in society.

Keeping in mind that how you dress significantly affects how people address you, you have to ensure that your dressing style is top tier. Your dressing style is defined by a combination of the clothes you wear, how you wear them, and when you wear the clothes. 

As humans, it is common to find ourselves in situations where we expect respect. Respect can easily be acquired based on how you dress. In this article, we aim to better how people perceive you by upgrading your dressing style.

  1. Focus on the Basics

In our current generation, the definition of fashionable has been reduced to trendy fashion brands and clothes. As a person looking to improve your dressing style, you should ensure you do not follow this logic.

For your styling, focus on acquiring the essential pieces of clothing in neutral colors. For men, this means buying plain jeans in black and blue, three official shirts in white, light blue, and cream color, then three suits in black, navy blue, and gray.

Setting up your wardrobe with the essential clothing pieces allows you to mix and match the clothes and therefore create many attires from a few clothing pieces. Mixing and matching your primary clothing pieces gives you a unique fashion style. The style shows that you are not dressing as per trends, but rather, wearing timeless and fashionable pieces.

1 Accessorize

In fashion and styling, it is easy to find that you have dressed in the same clothing pieces as someone else. In such cases, your accessories are what will make your clothing stand out from the others. Accessories accentuate your clothes and add a fashionable pop to them.

For women, accessories such as neckpieces, bracelets, rings, earrings, nose rings, etc. can significantly upgrade their appeal in the chosen clothes. Unlike women, men have a few accessories to choose from, so one must know how to accessorize well. 

There are some basic accessorizing rules for men that help to better one’s fashion style. A tip such as ensuring that you put on stylish belts from Jelt and matching the color of the belt to that of your shoe helps distinguish you as a stylish man. 

Another accessorizing rule for men is to stick with one color for accessories such as rings, bracelets, and watches. 

If you opt for a gold-plated ring, your watch and bracelet should match that aesthetic too. When accessorizing, you should keep it simple and minimalistic. This will ensure that the men’s accessories do not clash.

2 Dress According to the Occasion

It is not rare to walk into a pub to watch a Formula 1 race and find a man in a tailored three-piece suit. In as much as the cloth will be dashing, it is not fitting for the occasion. It is vital to note that regardless of how dashing your clothing is, it can impact people’s perception of you negatively. It will do this if you are dressed wrongly for the occasion. Failing to dress based on the event shows arrogance.

When building your wardrobe, ensure that you buy different cloth pieces to suit various life occasions. When working on your wardrobe, consider these basic dress codes:

  • Smart casual
  • Dressy casual
  • Business attire
  • White tie

Following these basic dress codes will help ensure you have attires for most life occasions. While keeping in mind to dress according to the event, you do not have to completely switch your clothes when changing from one event to another. A business attire outfit can be dressed down into dressy casual by taking off the blazer, for both men and women.

3 Tailor Your Clothes

Another fundamental tip that will help to level up your dressing style is to ensure that your clothes are tailored for your body. The importance of tailoring is seen in suits, whereby two people can buy the same suit but the one that takes it to a tailor for fitting always looks better.

In clothing stores, clothes are always organized based on cloth measurement scales. However, these scales rarely offer perfect fits since our bodies differ in size and proportions.

To ensure you have a fashion style that will have heads turning, ensure you have a personal tailor who knows your body proportions and measurements. Once you buy any piece of clothing, take it to your tailor to make changes to the clothing for it to be specifically tailored to fit your body.

The tricky bit about this aspect of leveling up your fashion sense is finding a good tailor. For this, it is often advisable to work with references from people you trust or fashion influencers in your area.

4 Fabric Quality

When buying clothes, one aspect of the clothes that you should always scrutinize keenly is the fabric type and quality. Oftentimes, clothes with better fabric quality are more expensive than those with poor fabrics.

In such a situation, it is always better to top up the cash and go for the high-quality fabric. Poor fabrics can significantly taint your image, especially in well-lit rooms, where synthetic and poor-quality materials often end up glowing like reflective screens. 

When buying clothes, stick to organic fabrics such cotton, linen, wool, Tencel, etc. These fabrics feel better on the skin and have fewer instances of causing skin irritability. The materials are also eco-friendly since they are natural, therefore, they decompose faster than artificial fabrics. 


If you decide to revamp your whole closet to switch your fashion style, it is important to buy new clothing pieces with a buyer’s guide. This will help ensure that you shop for all occasions and buy the basic clothing pieces for your closet. There are numerous buyer guides that you can find on the internet that will help pave your way to becoming a stylish individual.

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