5 Benefits of Using Animated Product Video for Business on Website!

by Glenn Maxwell

Have you seen Apple’s recent Airpod advertisement? I was mesmerized by it. The bright colours, smooth animations, and fantastic music glued me with it. I watched it completely. 

That is the power of animated product videos.

Animations can pour life into even the simplest of products. Let’s take the Airpod video, for example. Of course, we all know how an Airpod works, right? And since it’s Apple, we are assured about its quality, performance, and everything else. 

Still, the animations, the storyline, and the characters of the video made people watch it back to back. And pairing it with a fantastic song sealed the deal. As soon as the ad was released, it became viral and also got titled “Advertisement of the Year.”

That was a single example where an animated product video worked wonders for the brand. Global brands have been using it perfectly for explaining their product and advertising their services. 

While the popularity of animated explainer videos is increasing, there are more places where these videos perform better. Website is one place where videos are increasingly used, and they are driving conversions. 

Are you using animated product videos on your website? If not, then you are missing a simple hack to boost your website conversions, retention rate, and engagement rates. 

Is 2022 the year for Videos? 

Animated Product Video for Business

Before we delve deeper into animated product videos, let me ask you a question.

Which app are you using the most? Is it YouTube, TikTok, or Reels? 

Well, the stats say that  —Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram are the most used apps. 

In fact, by the end of 2021, TikTok had gained more than 1 Billion monthly active users.

What’s common in those platforms?

All of them are video-driven.

It’s capturing users and engaging them for a longer time.  The popularity of videos is increasing, and we don’t see any sign of it stopping anytime soon.

That is why marketers are also leveraging the power of video content. According to a Hubspot report, 29% of marketers are going to incorporate short-form videos in their marketing strategy. At the same time, 22% of marketers are planning on utilizing live-stream videos.

With social media being a prominent part of marketing strategies, videos are the best way of standing out to customers. 

It’s safe to say that businesses are ready to use video content to their full potential in 2022. 

Putting Videos on your website differentiates you from 99% of the internet-

By now, you know the potential of videos. But did you know that adding video to your website can differentiate you from competitors? 

That’s right. Even with all the popularity of videos, only 1% of websites on the internet have videos. 

Therefore, using well-positioned and good videos can shine brightly among the competitors. In addition, with changes in Google Algorithms, the search engine prioritizes websites with video content. So, adding a video to your website can get you a higher rank on search engines and increase website traffic.

Still uncertain about using animated product videos on your website? Read on to find just how many benefits a video can bring you.

Benefits of using Animated Product Videos on websites

  • Increase viewer engagement

A few days ago, I came across an animated product video while browsing the internet. I wasn’t searching specifically for the product or needed to buy it. 

Still, as I hovered the cursor on the video, its first few clips caught my attention, and I ended up clicking on them.

One minute and 40 seconds later, I was checking out that business’ website. 

Why? Because the animations in the product video were engaging enough to hold my attention till the end. Many times, buyers are in the initial stage of their journey. They understand the product, and after some time, they come back to buy it because of brand recall. 

In simpler words, when you use great animations, visuals, and sound and match it up with a good storyline, viewers are bound to be interested in the product video. Therefore, they’ll stay on the website until the video ends. 

  • Effectively demonstrate complex products in simple ways

We all check youtube at least once daily. From humour and entertainment to anything, we keep on watching videos. Meanwhile, these videos also help us to understand complex products. I might not understand the product from its description, but after watching the video, it gets super clear. 

Many customers don’t purchase a product because it seems complex at first sight. Wyzowl’s research suggests that 70% of customers prefer to learn more about the working of a product using videos before buying.

So, how do you think the customer would react if there were a video explaining how the product works in the simplest of ways added to the website? 

Let me tell you —The chances of the customer buying that product would increase significantly.

Well, using animations, you can bring any concept to life. From explaining how a car works to showing how a B2B marketing process works, animations make it pretty easy to grasp. 

  • Google loves animated videos

Google’s love for animations is widely known through its regular use of animation on the search engine. But did you know that Google will index your website better if it has an animated video?

Yes, you read that right.  

Google knows how popular animated videos are among customers. And while it prioritizes videos over other forms of content, it prioritizes animated videos even more.

Why? Because a big factor it considers while indexing websites is how much time visitors spend on them. And with animated videos increasing a visitor’s engagement with the site, Google identifies them as valuable content.

Therefore, when you add animated product videos to your website or product pages, the chances of them ranking high on SERPs increase greatly.

According to Biteable, 60% of businesses use video to market their brand. But not all of these businesses incorporate product videos into their business website. This is because many products cannot be adequately demonstrated with a video.

Are you among the brands selling such products? If yes, then worry not. Because we have got the solution for you, i.e., Animated product videos. 

Now you’re most probably thinking that I just contradicted myself. But that’s not true. While regular, live-action videos cannot be used to explain some products, animated videos can easily do that. Being flexible, you can create a demo video of any type of product using animations.


Well, let me explain this with an example. 

Pella, the second largest window and door manufacturer in the US, wanted to create a product explainer video for their performance packages. But it was hard to effectively show the products’ physical appearance, internal components, and the benefits in a live-action video. 

They overcame this challenge by using 3D product depictions and mixing them with a 2D environment and relatable customer scenarios.  

  • Increasing conversions

Humans are driven by their emotions. Especially while shopping for products or services, customers are mainly influenced by their emotions. And these emotions can be easily triggered with the help of animated videos. 

You can weave a story around your products or even your brand with the help of animated videos. What’s better is you can convey your target audience’s story through animation. Then, by conducting thorough research about the target audience, you can base the video on why they need the product. Find their problems, put your solution as the Hero of this story, and it’s going to be most relatable to users. 

You can create scenarios with which the viewers can relate. Or you could use visuals or stories that trigger nostalgia in the viewer. This will help you form an emotional connection with the viewers and ultimately convert them into customers. 

Examples of some great animated product videos

  • Slack- ‘Work, simplified’ product animation video

Work schedules can be pretty hectic, and while proper communication is essential, it becomes challenging. Slack, with its communication app, simplifies these hectic schedules and enables effective communication within organizations. 

This is the message that Slack wanted to convey in its Work, simplified product video. The brand used bold characters, created relatable situations with the help of animations, and showed how Slack could help transform your work life. 

The transition from a tedious, black-and-white work environment to a slow, colourful one worked amazingly in showing the contrast between both situations. Slack also made sure to integrate its brand colours in the video to trigger the brand’s logo in the viewers’ minds. Not just that, Slack also quite efficiently showed viewers how to use their app through engaging storytelling. 

  • Google Pixel 4

Google’s products have always created hype among customers. The same happened when the brand introduced its new phone, Google Pixel 4. Not only were the video’s clips attractive enough to engage viewers, but the title —a phone made the Google way, sealed the deal for the brand’s fans. 

They just had to check it out!

And clicking on the video revealed an amazing collaboration of animations, brand colours, and motion graphics. In addition, Google’s team reminded viewers about the updated features and how helpful the phone can be with its voice assistance.  

Along with the captivating visuals, the song choice— ’I want it by band 3 One Oh’- worked quite well with the video as, by the end, almost everyone was thinking, I want it!

  • The Better Sweater-

Who would’ve thought there would be a product video for a sweater? But guess what? 

Patagonia’s Better Seater does have a product video, and it is good enough to make a place amongst the best-animated product videos. 

But what makes the video so good?

Firstly, the amazing use of light colours complimented each other. Patagonia opted for a light colour scheme instead of using bright colours like the above two brands. 

Secondly, the Better Sweater video had a story-telling format that hooked people right from the start. The video started with the character going on an adventure, compelling viewers to watch where it led her. 

Thirdly, the use of subtitles in the video. Many times viewers are unable to complete a video because of the environment they are in. But with subtitles, they can continue watching the video on mute even in a public place. This greatly helps in increasing the video’s engagement.

And lastly, the video touched upon environmental issues. The rand used the video to emphasize how the products are made from recycled material. And showed how they are helping the environment by making their Better Sweater range.

  • Phonesoap-

The cleanliness of mobile phones has always been debatable. While everyone agrees that the device is not as clean as we want it to be, the sad reality is that we have no means to wash our digital best friend. 

But is that really true? Not any more. 

Phonesoap is a product that uses UV lights to clean the phone without damaging it. Phonesoap’s product video introduced the product to the audience and explained how it works using amazing animations. 

What made it great was the transformation of the video. It started with clips of people using their phones and portrayed how they are extremely useful. Then suddenly, the whole take of the video changes. Instead of seeing more benefits of our phones, we were suddenly made aware of how many germs our phones have. 

Then, the brand introduced its product, which could make the germ-covered device completely germ-free, or at most 99.9% germ-free. 

The way Phonesoap showed the viewers the problem and its solution using real-life situations made the video all the more enjoyable.

  • Spotify –

If we’re talking about animated product videos, we must talk about Spotify. This video was created as Spotify’s US launch promo. The hype was high for the brand to finally enter the US markets. And this video made the anticipators go even crazier with excitement. 

At the start of the video, the animated character captivated the audience with its drumming. Furthermore, the video had just the right amount of animations, graphics, dynamics, and movements to convey the message behind it. 

Adding the brand’s colour and feet-shaking music to the mix, the video drove a lot of engagement for the brand.

The examples mentioned above are enough to understand why animated product videos are so popular with brands. But it’s not just the animations that make these videos incredible. There are a lot of elements that work together to form an excellent video. Unfortunately, many marketers are not as successful as the above brands with their product videos.

But don’t worry. We’ve compiled some tips to help you create the most outstanding video marketing strategy. 

Here are the hacks that work wonder for animated product videos

Here are the hacks that work

  • Know your audience- 

Yes, I know, you must have heard this advice hundreds of times before. But without this, you can never achieve your goal. So, research the customer’s preferences, buying behaviour, product preferences, etc. 

When you have enough data about your audience, you can use it to create a customer persona. Furthermore, you can use this persona to design the character for your product videos.

  • Show, don’t tell-

Many brands simply tell why their product is great and why you should use it. And while that strategy may work sometimes, it’s not always the case. So instead, you must show through storytelling, or even little scenarios, how the product can help your customers. 

  • Invoke emotions in the viewers-

As I already mentioned, emotions are one of the biggest drivers of purchase decisions. That is why you must ensure that your video can invoke some type of emotion, urging the viewer to buy the product. An emotional touch in the video will also make it more relatable and memorable. Plus, viewers are more prone to emotionally sharing videos they can connect with.

  • Always convey your brand’s personality with the video-

This tip is important if you want the audience to remember your brand. This ensures that the viewers remember your brand after watching the video. But how can we do it? 

You can do this by using your brand’s colours in the video. You can also add the brand logo at the start or end of the video.  

Animated product videos are helping MNCs to engage customers, Startups to pitch their products to investors. There are numerous ways any brand can leverage them. At the same time, it’s not easy or cheap to produce high-quality animated videos. Hence, it becomes crucial for the success of product video to have superior quality. All those examples above compromised nothing with the animation, graphics, or storyline. Hence, the results were amazing.

Author bio:- Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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