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by Glenn Maxwell

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Multiple channels of regular income? Here’s how!

We all want fast pleasure in today’s society. Despite understanding that patience and discipline might give greater results, we nevertheless want to complete all of our life objectives as quickly as possible. This is also true for investments. We aim to get the maximum potential return in the quickest amount of time. It is for this reason that we are always on the hunt for the greatest investment plan that may double or triple our money.

While certain investment programs might help you increase your money, locating such investment products can be difficult. Furthermore, they may take longer than expected to get the intended outcomes. To effectively develop your money, you must fit the available investment plan with your investing horizon and level of risk tolerance.

This article will look at some of the most popular investment alternatives in India that fall into these three categories: long-term, medium-term, and short-term. More significantly, we’ll show you how to combine several investing alternatives to build the greatest investment plan for you.

Best Investment Plans For Long-Term

Let’s take a look at some of the investment plans that may meet your long-term investing goals, as well as the risks and rewards they can provide.

1. Equity Mutual Funds

Take expert advice and diversify your assets across numerous stocks to lower the danger of avoiding the wealth-destroyers. Here is where Equity Mutual Funds come into play.

Equity mutual funds invest mostly in equities. However, they do not focus your money on just one or two companies. These funds spread your money among many stocks. More significantly, these funds are managed by expert investment managers. As a result, they only invest your money after thorough study. As a consequence, it boosts your chances of making strong long-term profits.

2. Direct Equity

Investing in stocks is one of the finest strategies to build money for long-term objectives. There are several instances of equities that have increased the wealth of investors throughout time.

You may make direct investments in company stocks. The actual issue, however, is locating the appropriate stocks. And, with over 5,000 companies listed on Indian stock exchanges, selecting the proper stocks is undoubtedly difficult.

3. Gold

Since ancient times, gold has been a symbol of riches. Even today, it retains its lustre as an investment plan that can outperform inflation.

The traditional method of purchasing yellow metal has been physical gold. However, it has constraints such as additive manufacturing or design fees or storage costs. To circumvent these constraints, you may purchase gold using mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Best Investment Plans For Medium Term

Here are some investing possibilities that may help you meet your medium-term financial objectives.

1. National Savings Certificates (NSC)

The National Savings Certificate (NSC) is a government-backed post-office savings instrument. It functions similarly to a 5-year FD.

So, if you have a 5-year objective in mind, NSC is one of the safest investing alternatives. However, it has constraints such as a 5-year lock-in period and lower returns when compared to Debt Funds or Hybrid Funds.

2. Hybrid Funds

These mutual funds invest in several asset classes. The most common asset class combination used by these funds is equity and debt. However, some Hybrid Funds also invest in gold or real estate. The benefit of these products is that you may benefit from both the growth potential of equities and the stability of debt in a single-vehicle.

3. Debt Funds for Medium Term

There are up to 16 different kinds of Debt Funds. All of these Debt Fund types differ in terms of the amount of risk they assume and the rate of return they seek.

For a medium-term aim, there are three Debt Mutual Fund types that provide the right balance of risk and return. Banking & PSU Fund, Corporate Bond Fund, and Short Duration Fund are the three Debt Mutual Fund categories.

Best Investment Options For Short Term

Now, let’s look at the best investment plans that can help you in the short term.

1. Fixed Deposits

This is a popular investment choice in India since it provides guaranteed profits. FDs operate in a straightforward manner. You put your money in the bank, which guarantees you a specific return on your initial investment at the end of the term.

While FDs are one of the most secure investment alternatives, they do have some substantial drawbacks. FD post-tax returns hardly outperform inflation.

2. Debt Funds For Short-Term

The three Debt Fund types that match nicely in your short-term investing basket are Liquid Funds, Ultra-Short Duration Funds, and Money Market Funds. These are very low-risk items. Furthermore, they provide greater accessibility to investments than conventional products such as FDs.

What is Investment Calculator?

Financial life is filled with immediate demands, long-term ambitions, and dreams. Balancing your income flow towards each is the technique you must master if you want to live a stress-free financial life. If you know what to anticipate, investing may offer more worth and comfort to this skill.

An investment calculator may assist you in deciphering and clarifying any investments in India or elsewhere. You may also estimate your predicted returns through investment programs such as the Public Provident Fund, the National Pension System, and mutual funds.

An investment calculator is a tool that assists you in estimating the value of your invested funds at the end of the investment period. The calculator also assists you in estimating the returns on recurring investments, such as savings plans or fixed deposits.

This calculator allows you to quickly conduct complicated financial computations. Using the investment calculator, you may examine possibilities for investing in various securities over a certain time horizon.

Wrapping It Up

Every one of us has a set of objectives that we want to attain throughout our lives. However, in this day and age, we cannot depend only on our money. We may achieve these objectives by developing a strong financial portfolio via investment plans.

To achieve your objectives of purchasing a house or financially guaranteeing your retirement, it is critical that you find the appropriate investment plan that will help you increase your money over time. As a result, before you begin investing in any of the top investment plans with high returns, you should have a goal and a rough schedule in mind.

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