5 Criteria To Check To Find A Good Web Agency

by James Martin


Any e-commerce project requires preparation, an action plan, a schedule, but also partnerships. However, to choose the right web provider, you must establish a relationship of trust. It is precisely at this point that the greatest difficulty lies: delegating all or part of your project is like entrusting your baby to a new nanny. You want to be sure of his skills, his knowledge and his ability to meet your needs.

To help you in your search, here in this article we offers you a list of criteria to remember to choose the best website advertising companies provider!

1. Agency Setup

Is it an agency with premises in your city or does it have a branch near you? Is it a large international group or a human-sized agency?

Asking these questions helps you choose your best web provider. It is important to be able to meet the team that will work on your project, because you will have to regularly discuss with them. Being able to move around their premises is therefore a significant asset.

2. Agency Specialization

To fully answer the question “How to find a good web agency?” », first be aware of the different professions involved in the development of an e-commerce site.

The creation of the site hosting your online store is the first step that interests you. However, to create a website, you need a team. Whether this team is made up of freelancers or directly available in an agency, it must contain at least the following skills:

  • Development
  • Web writing
  • Design & graphics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Natural reference

Web Analysis

You must therefore start by contacting an agency to explain your needs. The preliminary drafting of a brief as precise as possible is necessary.

These specifications contain valuable elements for the service provider. The more specific it is, the closer the answers you will get from the agencies will be to your expectations. Remember to indicate examples of e-commerce that you like (and in the same sense, examples of elements that you disliked).

Also indicate your medium and long term objectives. This way, your service provider will be able to project themselves into your future more easily.

3. Prices

The price offered by the agency is a very important criterion, it is true. However, be careful to qualify it! If it’s not about accepting the first offer that comes your way, you need to be realistic.Creating and developing a merchant site is a lot of work that requires time and, as we have seen, a set of skills.

We recommend that you pay particular attention to the quality/price ratio: for the stated price, how many people will work on your project, what are the proposed deadlines, what is the monitoring in place and what are the integrated services?

These are essential questions to address before choosing your web provider.

4. The Team

What skills does the agency team have? Who will work on your project?These questions are essential to know how to find a good web agency.

Often you will get this information from the agencies site. It is common for them to display an organization chart with the collaborators, their functions and sometimes their professional experiences.

When you submit your specifications to receive a quote, also ask the agency to tell you how many people will be working on your project and what their specialties will be.

5. Agency Values

The image of the agency is important. It must convey the same values ​​as yours. You must be able to find yourself in its corporate culture.

Tell yourself that you are going to work with her over the long term, often exchange, discuss, debate. It is better to be in line with her strategic vision and her communication methods.

In summary, to choose the right web service provider, study the image of the agency, the availability of the interlocutors, the internal skills and the trust established between you.

Feel free to post questions to learn more about the selected agency. You have the right to know how it works and what it can do for you. This is where the relationship of trust is born: in transparency!

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