5 different sapphire engagement ring designs that you can purchase

by Glenn Maxwell

After diamonds, sapphires are typically the most popular gemstones employed for diamond engagement rings. Fashion followers and individuals from the royalty are frequently seen sporting them as well. Today we’ve 5 unique azure ring designs that you ought to consider for the engagement. Let’s try them out.

Azure solitaire

As suggested by its name, the Azure diamond engagement ring solitaire is comparable to a normal solitaire ring, with the exception that here the big center stone is really a lovely blue azure. Ditch the standard white-colored gemstone and go for this azure to create heads turn as people simply won’t have the ability to resist going for a second review your dazzling finger. You will find varieties obtainable in the look too. The typical solitaire has only the azure, but you could customise it based on your choice. Many people like adding a couple of diamonds towards the sides to boost the feel of the center stone. Other common designs likewise incorporate embedding the diamonds across the band either entirely or midway through. However, the amount of gemstones you set is most certainly likely to increase its value but when budget isn’t the problem, this design is an excellent choice.

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Azure Halo ring

What’s more attractive than the usual gemstone halo ring? Yes, a halo ring having a azure. Many people are of the perception that gemstone rings, regardless of how stunning, look very common and don’t have the elegance of some thing unique. As well as for these exact people, we’ve the azure halo ring. It’s just like a gemstone halo ring, but here the center stone, bigger in dimensions is really a lustrous blue azure and also the halo is of white-colored diamonds. The halo design is of course meant to help make the middle stone stick out, however with another colour combination such as this, it truly does look a lot more prominent as each stone hold a location of worth without that the design could be incomplete. So many women have been in absolute love with this particular design and through the years the interest in this design has witnessed a stable increase.

Azure flower petal

This design is a touch unusual, without lots of people choosing it. However if you simply would be the bold kind, the kind who loves to think as they are and who endures the unordinary, this design would surely suit your needs. Here there exists a beautiful azure flower which has a small white-colored gemstone within the center and elongated oblong cut sapphires because the petals. This ring is priced way greater compared to other kinds pointed out for apparent reasons: it’s bigger sapphires and much more of these too. An average flower ring may have a minimum of four to five sapphires because the petals passing on a glance of the complete flower. It’s a large ring that sits conspicuously in your finger and it is really noticeable. This isn’t a normal put on kind but like we pointed out, some brides just enjoy having flashy wedding or engagement jewellery which is simply ideal for them.

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Princess Diana’s super-studded azure-gemstone ring

Princess Diana’s famous azure ring continues to be coveted over decades by women around the globe and appropriately so. That bit of elegant craftsmanship would be a world apart. And you might have it too. This design was popular in those days in her own some time and is every bit popular today too. This ring is super studded. It’s diamonds all around the platinum band as well as round the oblong cut center azure in 2 layers, developing a dual border around the ring. This design can also be really large in dimensions and quite a good investment too.

Cushion cut single azure ring

This ring is apparent but nonetheless causes it to be to the list due to the simplicity in the beauty, It’s a literally just one princess cut azure just held together through the prongs from the band metal in position. And that’s just it. Individuals individuals who choose to help keep things simple, with only a small hint of sparkle and colour will certainly love this design. It may be worn for daily use too because it is comparatively smaller sized in dimensions and incredibly very portable too.

Hopefully you loved what we should shortlisted and when you’re wondering where to purchase your Diamond engagement rings London from, then Hatton Garden will be a lovely place to start.

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