5 FAQ About CPA Review Courses Answered

by Carter Toni


The CPA examination has long been a subject of fear and study. The test has become more stringent. Most people are not expected to pass all of it the first time. The requirements to become a CPA have become more difficult as taxes and administration have increased. Now a person must have not only a bachelor’s degree but also a master’s degree with accounting as the specialty.

Opting for CPA review courses helps in facing the CPA exam with confidence and also improves the probability of cracking it. Below are the top 5 frequently asked questions about CPA review courses.

What is the Substance of CPA Review Courses?

The first question and the one most asked is, what is on the CPA review course? Students fear the CPA might contain something they haven’t studied or don’t know.

There is, after all, so much to study, so many topics. You are not likely to use all of them in whatever your chosen field, but they will be asked.

College courses have different subjects broken up into separate classes and some of those classes were taken several years earlier. No way you are going to remember enough about them now when you are not using them every day as you might when it is your job.

This is why you need to take a CPA review course to get set for the exam. Most of the CPA review courses use online study materials or videos and written text. A few have group student meetings online and that type of instruction sometimes gives high benefits.

Do I Need the Review Course?

Yes, absolutely, it is the best option. It is, after all, an educational expense. How many people pass the test without taking the course? Few.

You can study on your own but still fail not once but several times. There are four parts to the test and passing all four at once is a difficult task. It is expensive and time-consuming to take it over again, plus the extreme nervous strain.

Do some research and find a course that fits your study style and needs. Pick a CPA review course that offers lots of videos, questions and answers, interactive work with other students. College courses don’t prepare you for it.

Does the CPA Review Course Cover Every Subject?

Students will study oblique subject matter, expecting the little-known and little-used examples to be tested. They want to be ready for the CPA exam.

There are so many topics to know, among them audit, small business, non-profit, reports, etc. People who have taken the test say it is the easy subjects that are stressed.

The CPA test has a history of student failure on the first and even the second attempt as it is so difficult. So, taking a CPA review course covering all the above topics has become a necessity.

How will the questions in the CPA Review Course be phrased?

What will the CPA review test questions be like? CPA review courses usually feature questions and answers in relevance with the CPA exam format.

Learn complex concepts and brace yourself to face the CPA exam with multiple choice questions and quizzes in a test-like environment. Harness your CPA review course to get in touch with top educators and get your doubts cleared.

Which Course is Best?

These courses are not cheap and sometimes you find the course you chose doesn’t work for you. You fail one of the four sections and feel defeated. One of the main reasons for your defeat can be selecting a poor CPA review course. That said, you need to choose your CPA review course carefully.

UWorld Roger CPA is one of the top ones with a high pass rate. It has good reviews online. While you can consider it for your CPA review course, the choice is ultimately yours.


If you have gone the distance, have completed the education and wish to secure a solid career, then you must take the CPA test. Taking the test is a test of its own and wisdom says you will need to get some help with it. Take a review course. Bite the bullet and pay the expense, but secure the best course for you and have confidence. It can be passed.

Author Bio: Sylvia James is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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