5 Link Building Tips by Zafar Iqbal To Improve Your SEO

by Carter Toni

Do you think you need a link building expert to improve your web presence? Have you reached a stalemate with your current link-building strategy? Are you looking for better ways to build links to your website? Don’t give up if you have trouble making links. Fortunately, Zafar Iqbal is here to assist you with that. Zafar Iqbal has two years of experience with the whims and ways of significant search engines and has been a professional link building expert, which leads your page to the highest level of search results and increases the purposeful drive of search results.

Zafar Iqbal is CEO of The Webgenic. Their service will assist you in procuring more leads into your pipeline by leveraging expert link building strategies, relevant link acquiring, and custom plans.

Here are five link-building expert tips from Zafar Iqbal that you should know if you want to start mastering the art of link building.

Check Out Your Competitors

When it comes to improving your SEO and marketing, spying on your competitors can be highly beneficial. Use a competitive analysis tool to determine which websites are linking to a specific competitor.

Take note, for example, if another site has compiled a list of resources that includes your competitor. Is it possible for your website to be included on this list as well?

When you come across opportunities, consider sending a brief message to the site’s owner, requesting that you be added to the list of resources as well. Hopefully, some of these websites will be happy to add another website to the list.

Reach Out to Other Blogs

While it’s essential to write for your blog, you should also reach other blogs and websites.

Guest blogging is increasingly popular and remains a very effective strategy to build relations and build new links.

Check for a “write for us” page if you find a Website or blog that is very relevant for your niche or service. The site will outline and show you how to contact contributors on this page. You may also have to contact a blog owner in other cases directly.

You can often link to your site on the mail or in your author’s bio when you post guest posts. This can be an excellent way to find some essential backlinks for your website.

Make Use of Broken Links

Every link building expert also knows how to use broken links. It is a good idea to search the web using a search engine or any other tool.

Blogs and magazines in an industry often have broken links they have not noticed yet. Send the site owner a message if you find a broken link in an article or a webpage related to your business. You can suggest that they can link to your website.

You can simultaneously send a message about your broken link by providing it with updated content while also getting a new backlink.

Claim Mentions of Your Brand

Another excellent way to build links is to claim any mentions of your brand on the online platform. Using Google Alerts or a paid tool, find out where your site has been mentioned on the internet.

If you find a mention that does not include a link to the site of your company or brand, then this is an excellent chance for you.

Send an effective and timely letter to the site owner when you find a mention. Just ask whether you would have a link to the mention so that your visitors can find you. They will likely be happy to meet if they have already mentioned your site.

Focus on Quality Not Quantity

When it comes to link building, you must work smart, not hard, and understand that not all backlinks are valuable.

Google is always on the lookout for natural backlinks, not backlink schemes. You could be penalized if they suspect you recently purchased backlinks. Backlinks should all be natural in an attempt to boost your online rankings.

Check a website’s domain authority (DA) to ensure the link will benefit your website. Links from high-domain-authority sites are usually more valuable to you.

Furthermore, keep in mind that you should only be getting links from blogs and websites relevant to your services or niche.

Thinking Like a Link Building Expert

If you listen to the above tips, you will also become an expert in link building. You may find that your link-building efforts are finally paying off with some simple tricks and outreach. Contact the expert Zafar Iqbal on Fiverr to learn more about link-building services, SEO optimization, and local search strategies.

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