5 Online Platforms to Study English This Summer!

by Glenn Maxwell

The idea that traditional schools provide has evolved drastically in the past few years. Being physically present in a class isn’t the only way to learn nowadays — at least not now with the advent of online and new technology, at the very least. Nowadays, you can access high-quality education anytime and anywhere you’d like, as long as you access the internet. We are in a new education era in the online learning age. There’s no reason not to consider the doubts surrounding education on the internet. It’s hard to grasp the concept of leaving the traditional classroom, particularly in the vastness of The Internet.

Why do students come to Online classes nowadays?

The idea of offering online classes first came about when the internet, especially after it became the world wide web, was accessible in billions of homes around the globe. Online teaching, which includes tutors who teach English online and e-learning, is growing each year and is expected to be worth an estimated $325 billion by 2025. As education is shifting towards an online platform, virtual classrooms are taking over real ones, now is the best time to use the internet-based platforms to your advantage and teach English at home.

I’ve noticed that online classes are developing quickly and have become the most popular method for creating an income source for increasing numbers of students. You’ll break free from the limitations of traditional instruction and have the freedom to choose your schedule in learning English online. This article will mention the five best learning platforms where you can get an education in your home in the summer season.

●      Thinkific:

First, Thinkific is a well-known online learning platform developed to meet the demands of various classes and industries, students, and teachers. It’s an open-source web-based software platform that allows educators to design markets and sell the courses they want to teach online. They aim to provide an entirely new way for students to be educated and provide a platform and tools to assist users with their knowledge. Thinkific eliminates the stress about hosting, technology and the software used and lets you focus on the content of the course. Create accounts on Thinkific and upload, create the contents. And when your course is in place, you can begin planning for how you can reach prospective students.

●      Udemy:

Have you been aware of Udemy? I’m sure you have had a conversation with them, but have you? I want to introduce the world’s biggest marketplace for teaching and learning. That has successfully connected millions of students to thousands of instructors. You can design courses on everything! Just thinking of the numerous resources available is incredible. Therefore, you can build an English teaching course that includes videos, PowerPoint presentations, documents, quizzes, text and more shortly. Udemy retains a portion of the fees; however, it’s well worth the effort and time.

●      Teachable:

Another viral and user-friendly platform top-rated is Teachable allows you to build, sell, maintain, and even deliver your own web-based English course. There’s even an educational program designed to help course designers. It is possible to sign up to teachable for free and then change to a paid plan. The most popular is professional plans costing $99 monthly. There’s no charge for courses that are offered at no cost. It’s easy to publish your material, modify the appearance of your online school and connect in conversation with students.

●      Coursera:

Coursera is another renowned and professional marketplace that provides online certificates and virtual classes. They offer courses from prominent universities of Michigan, Duke, and Stanford. To teach on Coursera, however, you must be affiliated with the institutions that provide the course. Courses vary from two-hour guided projects beginning at $9.99 to degree programs starting at $9000 and lasting between 1-4 years. Most courses, specializations or professional certificates are offered, lasting 4-6 weeks. There is a monthly cost of $49 for these. In addition, Master Track certificates that start at $2000.

●      Skillshare:

Skillshare is an educational community with millions of students primarily focused on creative classes. With a vast number of users who are entrepreneurs and creators, Skillshare is an excellent choice for those who want to begin teaching English on the internet. Skillshare is also an online marketplace primarily focused on innovative education. They are an excellent resource for online learning at a low cost. You’ll have access to materials like the teacher’s guidebook and support staff to help design your lessons. The Skillshare lessons should consist of the use of video lessons as well as an activity after the course. It is necessary to upload recordings of your classes with an average of 30-40 mins in total length.


If you’re either a professional or an amateur, you should look into the possibilities of teaching English on the internet, particularly at the convenience of home. Check out the article, read it as I talk about it, and give you information on teaching platforms based on their credibility, potential earnings prices, etc. Try one or two and then choose the one right for you to teach English at home.

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