Khuda Haafiz Part II: The Story and the Film

by Glenn Maxwell


Many people are there who love watching movies. Different movies tell different stories, and they all influence people in some way. There are many interesting movies that have come up these days, and one such interesting movie that you can see is Khuda Haafiz 2. It is a very interesting movie. One way, if you go see it, is a heart-breaking story as Nargis and her husband, Sameer, try to pick up the pieces of their broken life and try to move ahead in life. They find a lot of happiness when they find Nandini, a small child. But soon their happiness comes to an end when they find that Nandini has become the victim of a heinous crime.

Khuda Haafiz 2


In the Khuda Haafiz 2 Movie, Sameer seeks vengeance and hunts down the perpetrators who kidnapped their child Nandini. People must have also watched the 2020 action thriller Khuda Haafiz, which starts with Sameer and Nargis struggling to come out of the trauma that they faced on Noman. Nargis is emotional and scarred, and also embittered about the incident that happened to her in Noman. So, she chooses to go for therapy, and after the session she agrees to adopt a five-year-old orphaned niece named Nandini. But soon their happiness comes to an end when their adopted child, Nandini, is kidnapped and becomes a victim of a heinous crime.

Overall, a good movie- 

As per the Khuda Haafiz 2 Movie Review, it is an overall good movie to watch. Next, what happens in the movie is a common thing, and that is the revenge drama. Then there is also the game of power and the rich boy who is spoiled by one of his grandmothers. He tries to get rid of the prime witness, a corrupt cop, and the bloodthirsty hero, who is after the perpetrators and does his act in a vigilante style. Even though the concept is a new one, in certain areas it suffers from exaggerations. It is a top-notch movie cinematically. The director of the movie, Faruk Kabir, manages the wheels of the picture very well. He also gets support from the cinematographer.

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You can do the khudahaafiz 2 Movie Download from YouTube and other downloading sites online. One of the most memorable scenes that can be remember is when Sameer goes to the jail and takes on the jail bully, Jaiswal. He is the ones who is given the contract to kill Sameer. The chase in the climax is very thrilling. One of the finest performances is being delivered by Vidyut as a hero, where he showcases the action skills that are raw. Also, there were a lot of hand-to-hand fight. Besides that, the role of Nargis is also convincing when she tells her husband bitterly, and he talks with the therapists that things look fine and admits that she is not ready for the responsibility of or liability of a child. You can watch the khudahaafiz 2 Movie Trailer, on YouTube. Though it is difficult for the viewers to digest the fact that how quickly Nargis gets back to normal and adopts a child and so on. People who don’t like to see much of gore and blood can find the movie scenes and graphic a bit disturbing.

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