5 Reasons Why Second Hand Activa In Bangalore Is One Of The Best Scooter Options!

by Glenn Maxwell

India has the biggest bike and two-wheeler market in the world and the craze for the two-wheeled vehicles such as scooty is always on the edge. One of the two wheelers that have become enormously popular since its inception was Honda Activa. After getting released in the year 2001 and offering an extensive amount of performance throughout the years, Honda Activa has become almost a synonym for scooty in the two-wheeler industry.

As one of the most popular vehicles in the two-wheeler segment, both the Activa models have out-of-the-box features such as fuel efficiency, ultra-refined, comfortable seat arrangement, better mileage, etc. Consequently, the resale value of any second hand Activa in Bangalore or any part of India is affordable.

5 Reasons Why Second Hand Activa

Second hand Activa can offer a mileage of 60km/l.

Why should you opt for a second hand Activa in Bangalore?

After getting released in 2001, Activa as a scooty has been there in the huge and competitive two-wheeler market of India for years.

The starting price of Activa is Rs. 73,467/- (ex-showroom Bangalore) and it comes in 6 different colours. According to the manufacturing company Honda, Activa improved the fuel economy by 15 per cent which is cost-efficient for the riders. By September 2015 over 1 million Activas were already sold all over the country.

As you can see due to its features in the fuel efficiency, designing, control, etc. segments the popularity of this scooty over the years has seared so high. That is why if you are attaining an Activa at half price then what you will get is more than a bargain.

When it comes to Bangalore, the city’s traffic is busier than normal therefore, it takes more time to commute from one place to another even if you are using public transportation mediums such as buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis, etc. If you are a salaried employee who everyday travels to and from the office then you need to start your everyday journey way ahead of the time or you will reach later than your designated time limit.

In this circumstance, second hand Activa in Bangalore can come to your rescue because with the help of the same you will be able to reach your office at the designated time without being concerned about high traffic, and more importantly, you won’t have to go ahead of the time while being concerned about the road traffic. This is also why food, parcel and grocery delivery executives prefer using second hand Activa in Bangalore.

Why should you opt for a second hand Activa in Bangalore

Activa is also easy to maneuver because it is lightweight.

Why second hand Activa in Bangalore is one of the best scooter choices?

Reliability of the engine

The Activa as a scooty can offer a ride at 60km/hr with its 109.2 CC engine without any complications. Throughout the years’ Honda has continued to develop and customize its engine. The current engine that is installed in the scooty is so silent and smooth that it does not even make that much of a noise while getting started.

The engine itself is very durable and is strong enough to handle a lot of stress. The ventilation system is also strong enough to properly cool down the engine and that is why the engine never overheats while in use. Another Activa model has a 125 CC engine which is more robust and has more speed and power than the previous model.

Moreover, Activa is non-geared, therefore controlling it is easier in traffic. Now imagine if you are receiving all of these benefits at an affordable price, isn’t it just amazing? That is what a second hand Activa in Bangalore can offer you.

The convenience of regular servicing

When it comes to servicing of Honda Activa it is hassle-free. This scooty model has an independent and convenient lift-up cover that enables easy access to the vehicle’s engine. Activa’s engine also regularly requires belt check-ups and oil changes. To make things more convenient for the users the scooty already has an easy belt drive system.

Honda has also made sure that its most popular scooty’s service charge is reasonable enough so that everyone can easily afford it. If you are using a second hand Activa in Bangalore the service charge of your used two-wheeler won’t become a financial burden for you.

Fewer Insurance Premiums

For second-hand Activa in Bangalore, the amount of insurance premium is also very less because the amount of insurance premium is heavily dependent upon the current market value of the scooty. If you are buying a used Activa for half of its original price then the total amount of insurance premium you will have to pay will also be significantly less.

Better mileage in comparison to any other scooty

The Activa model’s mileage figure is 60 km/l which means the scooty can travel up to 60 km using just one litre of petrol. Economically this figure is very sound for the Indian citizens that consist of people from all types of financial backgrounds.

This particular feature of Activa has also been the major selling point for the scooty. In terms of weight, Activa is also a lead figure among the rest of the scooties because of its being lightweight. That is whenever you find a second hand Activa in Bangalore make sure to finalize the deal if it suits all of your requirements because it can be cost-effective for you in the long run.

Extremely well built when it comes to quality

Among all the existing scooters available in India, Activa is considered the best in terms of build quality. Activa has a full metal body that enables the scooter to last long even in rough conditions. The basic functions of the two-wheeler are not affected by heavy rain.

As you can see, if you opt for a second hand scooty in Bangalore, you will get all the existing features and that too at an affordable price.

Choose Activa

Honda Activa has been available in the Indian two-wheeler market for almost more than two decades because of its avant-garde feature and affordability. If you are opting for a second hand Activa in Bangalore that means you will get to experience all of its features at a significantly lower price which is a win-win situation for you. To buy a used Activa you can use a trustworthy and online bike selling platform such as Beepkart.

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