6 Ways To Choose The Right Fit While Buying Sneaker For Women!

by Glenn Maxwell

Shoes serve many functions. As it is said, good sneakers for women will help conquer the day and make you feel confident. They protect the feet while walking, provide the proper cushioning and make our feet comfortable and look fashionable. Acing the shoe fit game right comes with experience and a fair bit of trial and error. Even when shopping for sneakers for women online, a couple of pointers have to be kept in mind so that you do not have to feel uncomfortable after getting the slickest sneakers in town. We have curated a list of things to look out for while choosing the perfect sneakers for women.

Get Your Feet Measured

Get the measurements of your feet at least once a year as the ligaments attached to the bone tend to relax and stretch as one gets older. Measure the length, width and arc length of the feet. Make sure the measurements are accurate, as picking the wrong size sneakers for women would cause foot pain in the future.

While measuring the feet, make sure to do it later in the day as the feet tend to swell up in the early mornings. Take the measurement standing as the feet would spread more when standing. Make sure the size is taken by someone else as you have to be standing tall with the weight of the feet centered on the body. Get sneakers that fit the larger foot, as there would be a slight difference between the two feet.

Wear The Same Socks That You Would Primary Use

Socks are of different varieties and thicknesses; some are made for specificity while others are not. Make sure you use the same 100 cotton socks womens that you would be using the shoe mainly with, as this would help get the right feel of the shoe after you have bought the sneaker.

Stand In The Sneakers That You Choose

Make sure there is at least one cm from the longest toe to the front of the shoe. For perspective, it is about the size of the tip of the index finger. Make sure to leave half a cm gap at the back of the shoe as it causes irritation and blisters on rubbing. Feel the insides of the shoe for any protruding tags that might irritate the foot. Go on for a walk around the store with them out of the way.

Walk With Both Shoes On

Get a feel of the sneaker by walking around the store with both shoes. Try them on various surfaces to understand how the sneaker feels on your feet. Does the sneaker have enough room for the balls of the feet, do the heels fit correctly, and are the shock absorbers doing their job? You must choose sneakers for women only after properly trying and walking in them as it determines the fit and feel of the shoe for all future walks in life.

Laces Over Everything!

Sneakers with laces fit the foot’s shape better and are easier to hold on to the foot for longer durations. They help keep the foot secure to the sole, thus avoiding the uncomfortable feeling of wearing loose shoes.

Avoid High Heels.

Look for sneakers having a lower heel. A high heel puts pressure on the forefoot, which can cause unwanted problems in the future from frequent use.

Trust Your Instincts When It Comes To The Size

Your comfort must be the deciding factor in choosing sneakers for women instead of the size chart or the salesperson’s advice. You are the bearer of the shoe for the months or years to come, and it is your comfort that decides how much you would use the shoe.

Check Those Soles!

Check the soles if they are sturdy enough to cushion against sharp objects. Do they have cushioning in them to support the pronation in the feet? Please note how the soles react to walking them on different surfaces around the store. Good soles protect the feet from shock and provide cushioning so that the impact does not get transferred to the body.

What Are The Materials Used?

When choosing sneakers for women, one must select the sneaker’s material after a thorough examination to make sure they are comfortable while putting on. The ventilation provided in the feet depends on the type of soles and midsoles used for the sneakers.


To sum it all up, pick quality over quantity when it comes to sneakers for women as they would last longer, and your feet would thank you later. Choosing a shoe that ill fits would leave you regretting the decision to get a sneaker in the first place. So go ahead, take the plunge, keep these pointers in mind, and choose the perfect sneaker!

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