5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Website Traffic Checker Free

by Carter Toni

Do you want to make better decisions for your marketing strategy?

Then it would help if you tried using a website traffic checker ASAP. Website traffic checkers provide a complete view of how people experience your website. That way you can see where there are opportunities to improve the user experience!

You’ll gain instant access to helpful metrics. These include engagement rates, time spent on your page, device information, and more! You can even learn to help you boost lead generation.

What would a website traffic checker free trial mean for you? Read on to find out!

1. Create a Personalized Online Experience

Reason number 1 for using a website traffic checker free? You can create customized experiences online!

With a website traffic checker, you can tell where the site traffic comes from. You’ll also see how long visitors stay on your page, what percentage of people click through to other web pages, and much more.

For example, let’s say Facebook generates 1% of your website traffic. Adding an “I’m a fan” button will encourage visitors to become fans of your website, so you can see how many people follow through with the request.

Not only will the traffic checker show you what percentage of visitors are becoming fans on Facebook, but it’ll also reveal time habits. You’ll see how much time customers spend reading your content before they click off to another web page. You can then use that information to determine if your Facebook page needs to be more or less promotional.

2. Monitoring Where Customers Spend Time

Reason number 2: When you check website traffic, you can monitor where customers spend their time!

Earlier, we mentioned that website trackers help you see where customers are spending their time. What does tracking online activity mean for the success of your business? It gives you the ultimate advantage when you’re ready to update your website.

For instance, if visitors spend most of their time on the “about us” page, it might be worth breaking up that section into multiple pages. This way, customers can find the information they want more quickly and easily, without having to search through every single page on your site.

3. Monitor Website Performance

Reason number 3: checking your website allows you to monitor performance!

When you check your website with a traffic checker, you can see how long it takes for pages to load. Studies show time occurs differently for different people. If customers have to wait too long, they’ll get annoyed and leave your site.

How fast your website loads can make a big difference in the success of your business. If you don’t check and address these issues, no one will stick around long enough to see if they like what you offer!

What should you do if you notice a page is taking too long to load?

Try using a different server or host if you notice that one of your web pages takes way too long to load. Sometimes the servers you’re using aren’t efficient enough for the content on your page. And if all else fails?

Delete that webpage! The last thing you want is for customers to get frustrated and leave before they even have a chance to become part of your online community.

Remember, Google ranks companies on how well they meet their users’ needs when ranking search results. This means that if people find your website more easily accessible and enjoyable to use, it will move up in the rankings system.

4. Create Better Content

Reason number 4: checking website traffic allows you to create better content!

We’ve talked about how tracking website performance can help improve engagement rates, but where do these metrics come from in the first place? They come from website trackers that monitor how people interact with your site. These include Google Analytics, Alexa Traffic Rank, and Live Webmaster Tools.

If these website trackers don’t show a positive number for engagement rates or time spent on your site, it may be time to invest in better content! Your customers are no different from any other audience on the web. If they’re not interested in what you have to say, they’ll stop reading as soon as possible.

So how do you create engaging content?

Start by writing shorter articles that everyone can easily read through! This will make a difference since people only spend a couple of seconds on web pages before navigating away from them. If you want people to stick around longer than a few seconds, make it easier for customers to become invested in what you have to say!

Next, break up any word walls since customers don’t like them. Word walls are long blocks of text, and they usually don’t have headers and subheaders. The dense content is complex for customers to browse through, especially when using a mobile device.

If you notice customers aren’t spending enough time on certain parts of your website, break up those word walls. Add headers and subheaders to increase the readability. This way, customers can get through that information more quickly!

5. Boost Lead Generation

Reason number 5: checking website traffic helps you boost lead generation!

Let’s say you’ve created a tremendous new webpage about a topic your customers are interested in. And they’re spending time on that page, which is always lovely! But it doesn’t mean anything unless those customers convert into leads or check out your website in general.

So how can a website traffic checker help you get more quality leads? You know, the type of leads that turn into sales?

Well, first off, you’ll have a better idea about how much time those visitors are spending on your site. This will give you a rough estimate as to whether or not they’re ready to take the next step!

Then, you can see what kind of devices people use when they visit your website. This data will help you figure out if the content on your pages is viewable across all devices. If customers can’t read what’s on their mobile screens, it’s another sign that something needs to change!

Once again, if customers leave without taking action or converting into leads, it might be time for some new web pages.

Try a Website Traffic Checker Free

There are many great reasons why checking website traffic is the right move for your marketing strategy today! So why wait? Sign up for a website traffic checker free trial today and get started.

You’ll finally have a complete view of how people interact with your site. You’ll learn how customers engage with content, and where there are opportunities to improve user experience.

Are you ready for more helpful tips? Then check out the rest of this site.

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