5 Successful Ways To Promote Your Logistic Brand While Generating Leads

by Carter Toni

In any business, marketing and sales are the core areas to boost revenues. For logistics companies, this idea is also true. If you have a logistic company and are searching for ways to put your word out there, you may want to evaluate your marketing optiion well.

Many would think a logistic company will probably have a generic brand, but that’s not true. You can build a brand recognized by many, either online or offline. This happened for companies like UPS, Ryder, DHL, C.H. Robinson, Penske Logistics, among many other successful companies.

To have successful brand the company has to be consistent in its marketing activities and plan an a long term integrated marketing program using the 4Ps (product, price, placement, and promotion). This article will talk about the specific “P” of promotion and ways you can use it to promote your brand while attracting new clients.

We picked four great areas of opportunity for your marketing budget, knowing that they are a mix of long term and short term techniques: SEO, AdWords, LinkedIn, and Email Marketing. Of course, you can have many more, but here are our choices.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the way you make your website rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. To improve your ranking, you may use techniques of on-site and off-site SEO. But, what are those techniques exactly?

On-site SEO

The on-site SEO is related to the optimization you perform on your website. This means the title tag, meta description, keywords on your content, the size and quality of your content, quality of the images, images with an alt tag, among others.

When we talk about on-site SEO, we are also talking about website performance. With the new Google core update, including page experience metrics, the search engine evaluates page load speed and CLS (content layout shift), which are performance items included in the website rank factors.

Off-site SEO

It’s impossible to talk about SEO without talking about link building.

The quantity and quality of domains pointing to your website are crucial factors to rank higher on search engines. Google is evaluating if your website is important through how many websites “talk” about it. So a backlink is a “citation” of your website content on another website.

There are many ways you can have your link-building strategy, such as directories (Yelp and Yellow Pages are two examples), guest posts, press releases, among others.


AdWords is the advertising platform from Google that allows you to bid on keywords on Google Search.

Let’s say you want people interested in freight management software, and one of your products is a platform that manages freight. Using AdWords, you can bid to be in the first place of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) when someone searches for freight management software.


Image Description: Google AdWords is a Powerful PPC tool

With AdWords you can build your brand and at the same time attract leads to your business. If you stay consistent, you may see people recognizing your business for some  important logistic services.

You can learn more about AdWords by clicking on this link.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales platform that allows you to reach out to targeted clients easily.

The platform has tools that allow you to prospect leads on your target market. It provides you insights from your outreach and allows you to engage with your potential clients through messages.

Some of the main features include:

  • Advanced Lead and Company Search:
  • Lead Recommendations
  • CRM Integration

With Sale Navigator, you can approach other company’s decision makers and start a conversation to present your business. It’s a B2B tool that replaces cold calls and can give you a more targeted reach, since you can learn about the person you will approach by analyzing their profiles.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way to reach out to your audience through email to inform new products and services. You may have an audience to start applying this technique.

There are several ways you will create your potential client audience:

  • Create Pop up: when someone browses your website, you can ask for their email Usually, you have a pop-up in the first seconds of the visit, but you can add bottom or top pop-ups and exit pop-ups (when users are leaving your website).
  • Giveaways: offering something in exchange for emails is a common technique. Either you offer a discount or a chance to participate in a raffle, for example.
  • Social Media Campaigns: there are ways to request people to visit your landing page and give their emails through Facebook or Twitter. You can give them special discounts or have an initial consultancy for free in exchange for their information.

Wrapping Up

Among the many ways you can invest your marketing budget, these four digital techniques are some of the most effective. Two of them expect short-term results, AdWords and LinkedIn Sales, and the other two are long-term techniques.

SEO will give you a permanent competitive advantage if done the right way. On the other hand, having your audience’s emails is an asset that will protect your business from other platform changes, such as the constant Google and Facebook algorithm updates.

Take the time to go deeper on these four tips and get ready to improve your logistic brand!

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