6 fabulous ways to surround yourself with positivity

by TechloverSAhmad

All of us end up thinking that life is a beautiful journey and every hour of our life is worth enjoying. Life is all about happiness, fulfilment, and joy. However, growing up makes us realize that life can be hard too. It is not a pleasant and smooth journey. It is a hard climb wherein you have to struggle to reach the peak to enjoy the view there. All the struggles of our life make us feel low and sorrowful. Thus, leading us away from positivity. This further leads us to think of ideas that can help us feel better. if you too, are going through such a phase wherein you are finding it very difficult to understand what all is going in your life, then you must take a break from everyone and everything in order to help you feel better and positive

Read good books

Spending your time with a book can actually help you feel better. It is a known fact that books can be great at helping us clear the clutter of our minds. Reading books can actually help you feel better and have positive thoughts in your mind. thereby making you able to maintain a distance from the negativity that prevails in your life. Therefore, you must start reading books so that you do not have the time to think about anything that can cause stress. You can also try visiting the library often and read a book there. The library has a peaceful environment. Spending time there would help you feel calm and relaxed. 

Fragrant flowers

If you have never tried to utilize the charm of flowers in order to make yourself feel better then now is the time to do so. You can order flowers online for you or for your friend who is in a bad state of mind or someone who is finding it difficult to find balance in their life. The fragrance of flowers can help you feel better. You can buy flowers like lavender, jasmine rose or any flowers that you like. You can also bring them to your garden and spend time with them frequently, thereby feeling positive about everything around you. 

Good music

Tuning into good music can also help you feel better and positive. You may hear songs that you have never heard so that you can get to know more about the new songs or you can listen to your favourite song on loop. This will help you feel good or you can also try dancing to the beats. you can go out clubbing or to a DJ night with your friends. Dance, music and friends will surely make you feel happy, uplifted and positive because you will lose yourself to the beats and rhythm, thereby feeling energetic and happy. 

Spread positivity

You can feel positive by thinking positive or by spreading positivism around you. one good way of feeling good or happy is that of making others happy. so you can surprise your sister, brother, friend, mom, dad, grandparents or your special someone with an online flower delivery to Delhi and make them feel happy. This will make you happy in return because they would be elated to receive your warm regards through the flowers. Also, they would call you to thank you for your kind gesture. thereby talking to you and making you feel better and positive. 

Clear the clutter

If you are bored or frustrated or if you feel like doing nothing or if you find yourself being puzzled at what to do ahead then the very first thing that you must do is start clearing the clutter both around you and inside you. you can start cleaning your room or maybe just a portion of the room, then you can go with cleaning yourself. you can take a good bubble bath or you can go to a salon or massage parlour and you can feel relaxed there. Besides this, you can try meditation to Free Your Mind from the clutter inside it thereby making you feel light and relaxed. 

Stay away from stressors

If you decide to stay away from things or people that cause stress to you or that makes you feel bad then you would be able to feel light and relaxed. You can shut down your pc, laptop, social media accounts and even switch off your phone for a while so that no one and nothing can disturb you and you can spend some time with yourself by feeling relaxed. If you’re worried about your friend and family members getting worried about not being able to contact you then you can inform them in advance and then isolate yourself from everyone and everything for a while. 

Acting on these suggestions will surely make you feel better. 

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