5 Tips You Should Know Before Buying an Eyelash Glue!

by Sean Dixon

glue for eyelash extensions

There are so many options of glue for eyelash extensions on the market.

The problem is that many novice lash technicians do not know how to choose it correctly.

If you want your customers’ eyelashes to look beautiful and last until the next reapplication procedure, the following 5 tips are for you.

They will help to improve the level of your services and attract even more satisfied customers.

1 Study the composition

This is the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing supplies for extensions.

In no case do not buy glue, which contains parabens or formaldehyde. These components are not safe for health and can cause irritation or allergies.

2 Watch the product while working

Does glue produce too much evaporation odor?

It is better to bin it – this product is not safe for your health!

3 Check the coupling speed of the glue

If the coupling speed of the glue is too slow, it can get into the eyes and cause irritation or redness.

In turn, if glue dries too quickly, the beginner may not have enough time to straighten the lashes correctly.

For beginners, it’s better to choose the products with coupling speed from 3 to 5 seconds.

If you have been working in this field for a long time then choose glues with a shorter drying time so that they do not delay you at work.

4 Check the availability of quality certificates

This ensures that you are purchasing goods that meet all quality standards. This way you insure yourself and your customers against all possible risks.

5 Ask your customers how comfortable it was to wear eyelashes

This should be done every time you buy new glue for work.

Lash extensions are not a reason to change the usual way of life. Clients can go to the pool and exercise, use their favorite makeup products and not be afraid that it will affect the time of wearing eyelashes.

If working with the new glue is too complicated and the eyelash extensions fall off prematurely, it is better to change it with another product.

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All products in the range of this company meet the current quality standards. They feature a good composition and quick coupling.

Choose LashStorePro to make your work easier, safer, and more comfortable!

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