5 Ways to Spend More Quality Time with Your Grandparents

by Carter Toni

There is nothing better than making memories with your grandparents, which will remain with you for life.

Yet, if you often fall into the same routine during a visit or fail to fit them into your busy schedule, you must right this wrong.Don’t waste another minute and check out these five ways to spend more quality time with your grandparents.

1. Cook Together

Does a grandparent know how to work their way around a kitchen? If so, cook together in the kitchen. It will provide an opportunity for them to pass on their skills and teach you fantastic recipes you can make yourself.

Plus, you can create wonderful memories together, and you will think of them each time you whip up the tasty dish.

2, Listen to Their Many Stories

A grandparent will have a lifetime of stories to share. Learn more about their life by asking questions, such as where did they meet your grandmother or where did they grow up?

You can learn more about your grandparent’s background, personality, and important events that have happened to them throughout the decades. It might change your perspective of who they are and improve your bond even further.

3. Celebrate Their Birthdays in Style

Prove how much you love a grandparent by celebrating their birthday in style every year.For instance, you can organize a birthday party to ensure they feel loved and valued by their family and friends.

Alternatively, you could book dinner at their favorite restaurant, which will allow them to laugh, chat, and make many more memories with the nearest and dearest.

Don’t forget to present them with a thoughtful present, too.For example, if they are edging towards their 90s, now is the time to start looking at the various 90th birthday gifts they will love, such as a personalized teapot or an engraved hip flask.

4. Go to Lunch Together

If your grandparent follows the same routine each day, they might appreciate a change of scenery. If so, treat them to lunch at a local restaurant. You will have an opportunity to chat, laugh out loud, and bond with them, and they could even share some family secrets or stories you might never have known.

Don’t forget to take plenty of photographs on the fun lunch date, too, as you are bound to treasure the snaps as you grow older.

5. Give Them a Call At Least Once Per Week

A call might not seem a big deal to you, but it could make a big difference to your grandparent’s day. The chat will not only ensure they don’t feel lonely, especially if they live alone, but it will remind them how important they are to you.

Give them a call at least once a week or more to check-in, ask about their day, and see when they would like you to come for a visit.

It is a small action that can improve their mental stimulation and lift their mood, so take time out of your busy schedule to give them a call.

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