5 Ways to Stay Entertained in a Hotel Room

by Carter Toni

There’s nothing that comes close to leaving your front door, getting on a plane, and jetting off on vacation. Wherever you go to in the world, your accommodations play a huge part in your overall enjoyment. Sure, your itinerary may be jam-packed with sightseeing excursions or activities, but there will be downtime to factor in too.When you’re in your hotel room, you don’t want to be sitting against your headboard twiddling your thumbs. If you’ve got some hours to kill before you head out, here are some fun ways to stay entertained.

Watch Some Movies

The chances are you’ll have a TV in your hotel room, so why not put it to good use? If you’re staying somewhere fancy, you may score lucky and have Netflix! There are hundreds of exciting movies to watch that are sure to help you pass the time. If you don’t want to leave your hotel room, why not call up room service, order some popcorn, and have a little movie marathon?

Play Online Games

If you’re sitting in your hotel room bed endlessly scrolling social media and TikTok videos, why not do something a little more exciting? For example, you can play online casino games real money that are sure to provide an adrenaline rush. The great thing about online gaming is that all you need is a smartphone and a good Wi-Fi connection.

Have a Pamper

For those who are stuck in their hotel room with nothing to do, why not give yourself a well-deserved pamper? Go into your hotel bathroom, lay out all your skincare products, and take your time going through your routine. If you have a bath, nothing beats a long soak with lots of bubbles! If you’re going out for the evening and want to look and feel your best, setting aside an hour or two for a pamper is a must! Just be mindful of the time if you’re sharing the room with someone else. You don’t want someone banging on the door needing the toilet while you’re under the bubbles!

Practice Yoga

Many of us like to keep fit and active while we’re on our travels. If this sounds like you, why not use your hotel room to fit some yoga in? Provided you have enough space, there are lots of yoga poses you can do that will increase muscle strength, flexibility, and improve posture. You don’t have to spend a long time practicing yoga either. Taking 10 minutes to do some stretches and poses is enough.

Read a Book

For the bookworms out there, make sure you pack an army of novels to keep you entertained. If you’re in your hotel room and don’t want to go exploring, getting comfy on your bed and flicking through the pages of a book can help teleport you to another world.

Whether you’re in your hotel room because you want to relax and take things easy, or you’re waiting to go on an adventure, there are lots of ways you can stay entertained without having to leave your complex.

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