6 Key Signs Your Toddler is Ready to Start Potty Training!

by Glenn Maxwell

If you ask other parents, and you must, a few would describe the experience of potty training their toddlers as a piece of cake, while a few others would describe it as a challenging experience. While all parents have their own experiences when it comes to parenting and aspects related to kids, if we learn from and make use of the experiences of other parents, we can avoid the experiences that can be a nightmare.

There is no standard’ right time’ when it comes to starting potty training for your toddlers. In addition, the things you will need for potty training, such as a potty seat, potty training pants, books, etc., will also differ from baby to baby and even your own parenting style. So, when you decide to start potty training will also depend on many factors.

This article will discuss those factors that will determine your toddler’s readiness to start the potty-training journey. So, here are the six signs that will tell you that your child is ready to start potty training.

  1. The Poop Cycle – For your child to positively respond to potty training, they must have reached a stage where they have a regular and predictable poop cycle. Pee accidents are still easy to manage and clean, but accidental poops can be messy and frustrating to clean. Thus, if the poop cycle is regular and predictable, you can make sure that you put your baby in potty training pants a little in advance.
  2. Hiding To Pee Or Poop – This is typical behaviour that most kids start to show when pooping or peeing. Some kids will hide behind the curtain, and some will sit under the table. This indicates that they understand the cues of peeing or pooping and, if adequately guided, can tell that they want to pee or poop in advance. This signifies that you can now start potty training and put them in potty training pants.
  3. Showing Interest In Others When They Poop Or Pee – Having conversations around potty training would involve telling your kids that they go inside the washroom and use the toilet seat when you or any other adult wants to pee or poop. Kids might not start showing curiosity about using the bathroom, using the seat, cleaning their bums and washing hands. But once they start showing their interest, that is the best time to introduce potty training pants and start training them.
  4. Having A Dry Diaper For Longer Hours – There are also some pee patterns and frequency changes that your baby will go through that indicate potty training time is NOW! The gap between each pee will increase, and they will have a dry diaper for hours. You can start putting them in potty training pants, and after a few hours, take them to the washroom and make them sit on the seat and ask them to pee. Eventually, they will start peeing in the pot, and once they learn to identify the body cues, they will tell you that they want to pee.
  5. No Pee During Naps – Similar to the above point, if you start taking your baby to the washroom before nap time, and they do not pee in their sleep during their naps, they are ready for potty training!
  6. Starting To Tell In Advance – The most important and a dream come true sign that would tell you that your baby is ready for potty training is when they start telling you this on their own. Once the kids start to hate the mess their poop or pee is creating in their potty-training pants and begin to identify the cues that they have an urge to pee or poop, they will start communicating in words or symbols to be taken to the washroom.

So now that your baby is ready to be trained, are you ready too? Here are some essential tips to remember before you start the process.

  • Do not start potty training when your baby is already going through another drastic change, such as the birth of a sibling, stopping the use of a pacifier, change in the nap or sleep schedule etc.
  • If your baby is getting anxious or scared of sitting on the potty seat or wearing potty training pants or anything related to potty training, give it a break for a few days and try again later.
  • You do not need fancy potty training pants or accessories that the internet or books suggest. A potty seat and pull up style potty training pants are enough for a minimalist training experience.

Potty training can be an easy to master experience. All you need is to be patient and have the right equipment and potty-training pants, such as SuperBottoms Padded Underwear. With heavy padding to absorb the accidental pee, these potty-training pants give them the confidence not to create a mess while trying to master the act of pooping and peeing inside the washroom on the seat like a pro!

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