6 Reasons to consider a remote learning course

by Carter Toni

Remote learning underwent a boom during the pandemic. More students than ever were forced online as schools and colleges closed their doors, but remote learning has been around for much longer.

#1 Help you change your career

If you’ve been stuck in the same career for a long time and feel like making a change, there’s no better way than by studying for an online degree. Gaining a new skill set and qualification will make you well placed to switch careers at whatever stage of life you’re at. It’s never too late to look for new challenges, and online degrees mean that no career is ever off-limits.

#2 Finish college

There are plenty of reasons that a person might end their college degree midway through. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but it’s still disappointing to put in so much work and come away without the qualification. Online degrees are a fantastic way to return to education later in life and finish what you started. Some are specifically geared towards completing abandoned degrees; others will allow you to start from scratch and gain that all-important qualification.

#3 Can fit around your life

A busy family or work life is one of the main reasons that many people reject higher education. It simply isn’t feasible to fit trips to campus around a full-time job or raising a family. Online courses pose no such difficulty. A course in calculus, for example, like the one from https://www.straighterline.com/online-college-courses/mathematics/general-calculus-i/, can be fitted around your schedule. You can study as, and when you have free time, there’s no commute to and from the campus, and you remain in control of your timetable.

#4 Cheaper than a bricks and mortar college

It stands to reason that online degrees are cheaper than their in-person counterparts. You don’t have to pay for physical premises, and hidden costs like the price of the commute and buying food on campus are also taken out of the equation. Degrees are all about value for money and balancing initial outlay with salary potential. Online study strikes that balance perfectly.

#5 Unparalleled choice

Students can often find themselves constrained by the choice of degrees offered by colleges. They might end up miles from home or in a city that they don’t necessarily want to be in, simply because their preferred colleges don’t offer the right degrees. Online learning usually offers far greater choice. Courses are varied, and since there are no geographical concerns to worry about, you can make your choice freely.

#6 Teaches more than just a subject

Studying remotely might be more flexible, but it still presents a unique set of challenges. Balancing learning with work or family life can be difficult. You will need the self-discipline to push through the more difficult times and also self-motivation. Without encouragement from fellow students or the buzz of campus culture to inspire you, you’ll have to find the determination within yourself, an important skill for all areas of life.

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