6 Tips for Buying These Clothes Better

by James Martin

Buying clothes can have many pitfalls, especially on online stores. An industry that is not always the most ethical too, especially with the advent of fast fashion pushing consumers to buy anything and everything. To avoid this kind of trap during your shopping, this article presents you with 6 fundamental things to purchase clothes.

1. Set a budget

Managing the numbers in our lives is an essential thing. Even if the goal is not to live a daily simulation of the accounting profession, you can still set a fixed budget according to your income. No complex calculation, financial experts advise using 5% of your income to buy those clothes. So 50 dollars for every 1000 euros. Obviously, this percentage can change depending on your person and your shopping relationship. But 5% according to your income seems to be a pretty good amount not to exceed to fill your wardrobe correctly and without exaggerating.

2. Buy second hand

According to studies, the second-hand market should reach 80 billion by 2030, twice as much as fast fashion or thrift stores. No wonder, since this market is piling up strengths that are becoming more and more appreciated by consumers. Like attractive prices for all kinds of items and a much lower carbon footprint. So don’t wait until 2030, when everyone will find it normal to buy these clothes second-hand; jump on the bandwagon now. Whether it’s now or in the future, buying second-hand will remain for a long time the best way to purchase these clothes rationally and responsibly.

3. Read reviews

Reviews are obviously a great thing to consider when buying somewhere. However, be careful; fake reviews are common on the internet, so look for reviews of a brand only on specialized and trusted platforms like Trustpilot. Having this reflex will help you to buy more often quality clothes from brands with a competent customer service in case of problem. This is important because it is not uncommon to find companies that do not refund you for lost packages or do not take any complaints into account.

4. Take advantage of discounts

Like customer reviews, promotions can very often be false. Generally, brands used to fake promotions manage to offer them all year round, justifying it by some weird occasions. Be more interested in brands that don’t have half of their products on promotion all year long and offer real ones when the time comes. Also, be interested in permanent offers at some brands or online stores, but which are not promotions in themselves, like a discount for purchasing several custom t-shirts at Artist Tees or free shipping at Gymshark.

5. Use a mood board

To buy better, you need to know what you want first. Fashion mood boards are a great way to know what clothing style we are attracted to and what we want to buy later. This is essential to create real outfits and not buy these clothes a bit randomly. The best solution would be to use Pinterest, simple to use with lots of fashion photos that could inspire you to start your mood board. Notion also allows you to easily save pages on the internet in a folder if you see pieces you like on Instagram, Youtube or others.

6. Check the material

Another way to choose these clothes is to look at their composition, as each material offers different sensations. For example, prefer polyester for sports items as it has good elasticity and resistance to water and heat. On the other hand, cotton fabrications will be more synonymous with softness, to be preferred for clothes like hoodies or t-shirts. This kind of quick knowledge will allow you to better make your purchases, especially on the internet. This will help you to avoid many unpleasant surprises when you receive your products.



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