6 Tips On How To Style Larimar Jewelry To Elevate Your Style Game

by Carter Toni

Larimar, popular for its tranquility and serenity, is in much demand due to its elegant look and much-talked-about style statement. Be it any occasion, from a casual evening or a formal event, Larimar jewelry goes with anything if styled correctly. The Larimar gemstone is also believed to have calming properties that would better create that calm, breezy look.

However, if you want to make a striking appearance and make heads turn as you walk past, you must style the Larimar well. You can style it with necklaces, elegant pendants, and bracelets, with gleaming earrings and studs. You can also pair it up with rings. Also, this gemstone can be worn with various metal combinations and layered jewelry to enhance your style game.

Since it is believed that ‘less is more,’ you can consider Larimar jewelry to keep things minimalistic yet have a striking presence in the room.

What is Larimar?

Larimar is a unique pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic of the Caribbean and is a turquoise gemstone. A pectolite is a mineral made up of a combination of sodium-calcium hydroxide. Thus, Larimar is said to have calming and healing properties that are considered a manifestation of the sea and the sky together.

Unlike other gemstones, Larimar is considered very soft and tough to mold in jewelry. Thus, a Larimar ornament is much more elegant and needs to be handled with extreme care.

Tips to Enhance Your Style Statement with Larimar Jewelry

If you want to step up your style mantra with Larimar and want to create a classy look, here are a few tips:

1. Keep it Casual, Keep it Cool

Larimar is a gemstone that certainly goes well with a casual look. You can use a signature turquoise Larimar stone with beautiful earrings or studs. Pair it with a contemporary outfit that carries oceanic hues and is calm on the eyes. Larimar has a unique quality of blending easily with classy yet casual occasions. So, you can pair up an elegant Larimar pendant and bracelet, or you can go for  Larimar silver-studded earrings with a statement neckpiece.

2. Go for Silver or Gold Combinations

Larimar usually goes with silver as both reflect an individual’s calming and serene qualities. But as per the traditions, a high-quality precious gemstone is often set in esteemed metals like gold. So, you can select an elegant pair of Larimar earrings embossed in a silver setting. However, when using Larimar with gold, you can emboss the gemstone into a broach and consider wearing it for formal occasions.

3. Consider Layering

You can experiment with jewelry layering if you want to create a personalized look that reflects your unique persona. Thus, you can select unique Larimar pendants and layer them with silver chains. This will add a unique depth to the jewelry piece and stand out as a style statement.

You can also consider experimenting with layered bracelets using intricately carved dangling miniature Larimar charms. The layering technique is unique and can be completely customized to compliment your look.

4. Style a Breezy Look

Larimar depicts the serenity and calmness of the oceans and clear blue skies. Hence, a breezy look would be the most appropriate to create using these gemstones. You can pair Larimar earrings, pendants, and bracelets with soft flowy maxi dresses or other beach-inspired outfits. Also, the Larimar accessories will go well with ocean blue kaftans and crochet tops. Your style statement defines your personality. Thus, you can use Larimar to enhance it further.

5. Strike the Right Balance

As we all know, keeping things minimalistic enhances the beauty of the occasion. Well, the same goes in for the jewelry. As Larimar depicts elegance, softness, and poise, one should strike the perfect balance when wearing Larimar jewelry. Always consider wearing the jewelry in the right combination.

Avoid using all the Larimar accessories all at once. For instance, you can just wear a Larimar pendant and a bracelet or just Larimar earrings, one at a time. Also, consider the nature of your outfit-classy, casual, or formal. Accordingly, you can decide on the use of Larimar studs and accessories.

6. Remember the LOFO Rule

Larimar is a unique and soft gemstone difficult to be embossed into a jewelry piece. Hence, you must carry and store your Larimar jewelry with extreme care. So, when getting ready for an occasion, remember the LOFO rule- Last On and First Off.

It is important to follow the rule to protect your Larimar accessories and jewelry from getting in contact with hair sprays, gels, and lotions.

As the Larimar is too unique and can get adversely affected by chemicals, exposing it to air for longer durations would affect its shine. Hence, follow the LOFO rule to keep the stone shining and add beauty to your outfits every time you wear a Larimar on your skin.


Thus, using a Larimar in different combinations with different styling techniques will definitely add beauty to your outfits. As the Larimar has unique calming effects, it is also considered good for your health and is prescribed to be worn often. The Larimar gemstone also is believed to affect your throat chakra and is hence prescribed to be worn as a pendant or a necklace.

It enables you to express yourself with confidence and ease. Thus, you can consider maintaining an exquisite Larimar jewelry collection to level up your style and enhance your personality.

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