6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Mattress & Bedding!

by Glenn Maxwell

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. On days when life has been tough on you, a warm hug from your mattress can help you in so many ways.

If your bedding creaks due to any movement that you make or feels too soft or too pokey or even too bouncy, well, it is time to change it. Or else, you may be faced with the side effects of uncomfortable and damaged bedding including back pain, neck pain, and joint pain along with signs of irritability, tiredness, etc.

The mattress industry is presently valued at $81 billion in the global market as the options to choose from have considerably multiplied. In recent days, foam mattresses and bedding have gained significant popularity in the market owing to the comfort it provides. So, why would you not want to know more benefits about it?

To help you pick the best of the lot, here are a few fail-proof tips.

  1. Start with getting to know your sleeping position

If you sleep on your back or on your stomach, you need a relatively firm or hard mattress to support your body’s alignment. If you sleep on one of your sides, you are putting pressure on your arms, shoulders, and hips. So, you need a softer mattress to prevent the pressure from resulting in any kind of pain.

If you are a person who keeps switching between various positions in your sleep, purchase a mattress with moderate level firmness.

Further, take into account whether your body suffers from any joint pain, back pain, etc. The answer to these questions will play a great role in the final decision.

  1. Understand what every mattress type provides

Innerspring mattresses were once very much in use but are a bit difficult to find these days. They contain steel springs coiled to one another in a fabric. Some of them have comfort layers over them to help you sleep better. But these are a bit hard to sleep on.

There are foam mattresses and bedding that are known for providing your body great relief from pain and pressure. But they are known to absorb heat, so after waking up, you might experience discomfort because of the heat.

Then comes hybrid mattresses, latex mattresses, airbed mattresses as well as waterbed ones.

  1. Check the firmness

Judging a mattress based on its firmness is very important but the results can be subjective. So, what might seem firm enough to you, might feel softer to another person. It’s recommended to go for the firmest one, which also allows you to enjoy a good quality sleep.

However, it’s important for you to remember that, once you buy a firmer mattress, you might take time to get used to sleeping on it. So, give it some time and you will slowly start getting good sleep.

  1. Decide on the appropriate size

You need your bedding and mattress to be of a suitable size compared to the size of your room. If your room is spacious enough, go for a more big mattress, or you can look for how much a queen-size mattress is for your needs.

  1. Consider the support it provides

Some people prefer the support provided by a foam mattress, some prefer the rigid and a bit harder support provided by the inner coils in the innerspring bed.

Support also factors in whether you sink into the mattress or not. If you like the comfort that comes from sinking in the bedding, you can go for softer ones. In case you are looking for some sturdy support, go for harder beddings.

Also, go for beds with good and strong edges, which will make it comfortable for you to move around the bed.

  1. Decide on the mattress height

10 inches is the most appropriate height for the mattress. Anything less than 10 inches wouldn’t provide the appropriate support your body needs.

Some luxury mattresses are 13-14 inches in height, but going for taller options isn’t advisable if your bodyweight is less than ideal. The mattress might end up feeling too firm for your comfort.

Over to you…

It’s also important to purchase from companies that not only provide good deals but other benefits too such as a good trial period, warranty, customer support, etc. So, carefully take all the points into consideration and then enjoy sleeping in your own comfortable space!

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