7 Things You Need to Have to Get a Custom Pet Portrait!

by Glenn Maxwell

Are you currently considering obtaining a custom pet portrait? If that’s the case, there’s a couple of things you will have to result in the process as smooth as you possibly can. The custom pet portraits are an easy way to commemorate your dog, plus they make perfect gifts for other pet enthusiasts too. This web site publish will talk about a couple of of the most basic things you ought to get your pet’s portrait done!

1. A High Quality Photo

The very first factor you’ll need is a great-quality photo of the pet. This is an essential area of the process, because the artist uses it to produce your portrait. Be sure that the photo is within focus and reveals your pet’s features.

Should you not have a very good-quality photo, you might be able to locate one online. There are lots of websites where one can purchase stock photos or perhaps employ a professional photographer to consider a particular photograph for you personally.

2. An In Depth Description of the Pet

Next, you will have to give a detailed description of the pet. This helps the artist create a precise portrait. Make certain to can consist of your pet’s breed, coloring, and personality. For those who have any special demands (like together with a certain item without anyone’s knowledge), make sure to mention that a lot!

This post is essential, so make certain to spend some time writing it. The greater detail you are able to provide, the greater!

3. An Electronic File from the Photo

To produce your portrait, the artist will require an electronic photo file. What this means is that you’ll want to transmit them the photo digitally. Most artists prefer JPEG files, however, many accept PDFs or PNGs.

Seek advice from the artist in advance to determine what file type they might require. Out on another forget to incorporate these details when delivering your photo!

Should you not possess a digital copy of the photo, you could take one before delivering them back towards the artist. Be sure that you follow all the needs so there are no problems afterwards lower the road!

4. An In Depth Description from the Background

If you’d like the artist to incorporate a particular background inside your portrait, make sure to give a detailed description from it. These details should can consist of the textures and colors you want to use. You may even want to supply a picture from the background if at all possible!

The greater information you are able to provide the artist, the greater. They’ll use these details to produce a precise and realistic background for the portrait.

Should you not have specific demands for that background, that’s okay too! The artist will select a backdrop they think will appear best together with your pet’s portrait.

5. How big the Portrait

Prior to getting a custom pet portrait done, you have to choose the dimensions. This really is something that you’ll want to go over using the artist in advance. They provides you with a number of options with respect to the size and format you select.

Make certain to consider where you want to hang the portrait before deciding. You shouldn’t select a size that won’t easily fit in the area available for you!

Once you’ve made the decision on the size, make certain to allow the artist know to allow them to begin creating your portrait!

If you are unsure how big might be best, listed here are a couple of recommendations:

-Small portraits (about 11×14 inches) are ideal for displaying on the desk or shelf.

-Medium portraits (about 16×20 inches) are ideal for hanging on the wall.

-Large portraits (about 24×36 inches) are ideal for creating a statement!

6. The Format from the Portrait

A custom pet portrait format can differ with respect to the artist’s preference. However, most portraits are generally colored or black and white-colored.

Some artists might also offer sepia-toned portraits, that provide a classic turn to the look. For those who have a particular preference, make sure to allow the artist know!

If you are unsure what format you need, that’s okay too! The artist can help you select the right choice for your portrait.

Just make certain to go over all your options together prior to getting began!

7. The Cost

Prior to getting a custom pet portrait, one further factor to think about may be the cost. This can vary with respect to the size and format from the portrait and also the artist’s rates.

Most artists will need a first deposit upfront, along with the rest due when the portrait is finished. Make sure to inquire about payment plans if you want them!

Before investing in a custom pet portrait, make certain you realize all the costs involved. By doing this, there will not be any surprises afterwards lower the road!


Obtaining a custom pet portrait done is a terrific way to capture your furry friend’s personality forever. By using these easy steps, you are able to make sure that your experience goes easily from beginning to end!

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