8 Best Free sites to Find a Cell Phone Number By Name

by Carter Toni

Several people make a variety of lookup searches for different reasons. Although it is not easy work to do this. However, there are so many tools on the internet that provide free search and some of them cost little.

You need to reverse phone spy when you need to know the identity of someone who called you from an unknown number. You just simply type the number and get all the related information about the target.

In this article, you will know the 8 best free sites to find a cell phone number

1.  NumLooker

NumLooker provides free best phone lookup tools to their user.it is very easy to understand how to use NumLooker to find a cell phone number by name. With the Help of NumLooker users can easily access information about the targeted person.

You can make a phone lookup search here further if you know the name of the target then also search and get the information of several public records.

It provides you with a reliable record and you do not need to register here. You can just go to the website choose the desired lookup option and perform a search here.

It gives details such as personal information, email address, address, friends, and family details, and also provides information about social media.

It is user friendly and free of cost .it has some up to date features which you pay a small cost to use.

Benefits to using NumLooker phone  Lookup

Learn more about your friends and Relatives

Sometimes you do not meet your friend or a family member for a long time. Now you need to know where they are with the help of a phone lookup search.

Identifying the missed calls

Sometimes you receive a missed call from an unknown number and you want to know who is the owner of that number. Sometimes it is a telemarketer and sometimes someone scams you. so for this purpose, you need to search the number.

Checking background

With the help of a phone lookup search, you know the name of the person and with the name, you can search more on the website, such as the background of the person.

Obtain a location

With the help of a phone lookup search, you can check the location of the person. and also to know the address of the person where the person lives.

Safety purpose

Some time for your security and also the family members you make this search about your new neighbor.

How to use Reverse phone lookup

Following are some easy steps involved to search the phone lookup on NumLooker.

Step 1: Go to the browser, open the URL of NumLooker, go to the option of phone lookup service

Step 2: Enter the phone number in the given bar.

Step 3: click on the “Search” and get the required result


CocoFinder is a free phone lookup service. It provides the detail after searching with a phone lookup service. You get the detail and identity of the person. This includes the full name of the person, age, financial status, date of birth. It also provides the background detail of the target person.

This is the most popular website among the people. You can just enter the name or the phone number and get all the detail.No registration or fee is required to search here.


FindpeopleFast is another free phone lookup search site, It gives all the detail in depth to the target person. It gives information like photos, criminal records, and records. It provides authentic data and is free of cost.

It uses the advanced search system logarithmic to verify the person which you are looking for. You will get the helpful result within minutes and that is accurate and reliable.it is provided free-of-cost lookup services and searches its website are safe and secure.


It provides the critical background information of the targeted person. PeopleFinderFree provides personal, professional, and financial information about the individual.

It can access billions of public and semi-public records.it is free of cost and a reliable search engine and needs no registration. For this reason, millions of people rely on this website.

5. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is the other best website to find out the information of the individual. It provides more detail as compared to another search engine.

It is the best site to use as a safe and secure search as it is not safe with your search data which you input.it is one of the best site free lookup searches and provides authentic information about the individuals.

Through its tool “who call me,” service provides the phone number search and input the number to get the information about the person.


It provides the data efficiently and in a comprehensive way. It is also a secure and safe site to get information about the target person.

Despite all the searches, it provides the criminal data, arrest data of the required person. It is free and provides an authentic search about the person.

7. RealpeopleSearch

By adding the phone it provides the background data about the target person. It gives the incredible search data of the individual. It gives all detail through an email to the user.

All the information provided through this website is free of cost and you have to pay nothing for it. It is simple and easy to search for different information.

8. SearchPeopleFree

It is a legal search engine to provide information about the target person. It gives hidden information about the person fastly.it gives comprehensive search details about the person.

Just input the required information and get detailed information such as name, age, number, email, relative, and social media accounts.

Final Wordings

With help of this article, you will be able to select the most authentic and reliable site to make a phone lookup search. because now it is very easy to search the information about any target person.

These websites give reliable and authentic information. Numlooker is one of the best and easy, simple to use. It is user-friendly by its interface.

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