8 Best Tactics to Increase Website Push Notifications Subscribers?

by Carter Toni


Several people nowadays think WordPress push notifications are invasive and disturbing. But push notifications are not the real problem. Instead, it is the incorrect push marketing strategy that encourages users to opt out of receiving push notifications and, worse, to uninstall the app entirely.

Push notification has the potential to retain and convert even more loyal users. Companies or brands can benefit from the overall strategy because 42% of users want to receive push notifications on their mobile phones.

Before we get into the tactics for increasing website push notification subscribers, it is important to understand what push notifications are.

What Push Notifications Are

Push notifications are pop-up messages that appear in browsers and on mobile devices. These are simple updates, reminders, or messages that are used to interact with users.

Now, let’s look at the 8 tactics to increase website push notifications subscribers.

8 Best Tactics to Increase Website Push Notifications Subscribers

These tactics will encourage your users to stay longer and take the actions you want them to take:

  1. Create a Referral in your Welcome Push Notification

You have the option of sending a welcome push notification to a store visitor who has subscribed to your push notifications. Giving these new subscribers a referral link is an excellent way to capitalize on this first impression.

While a referral does not immediately increase your subscribers, it can ensure that your existing subscribers bring in more first-time visitors to your store and improve your chances of getting a new push notification subscriber.

  1. Recover Lost Sales with Abandoned Cart Notifications

According to the study, seven out of ten shoppers add items to their shopping carts but then abandon them before checking out. The majority of e-commerce websites are losing customers in this area. Push notifications are a useful tool in this situation for gently reminding clients about their abandoned carts and encouraging them to return to the websites. 

  1. Include Push Notifications with Price Drop Alerts

Similar to items that are out of stock, some people who are just browsing might be interested in buying something when the price drops. You can guarantee a future order from the subscriber and have the opportunity to send them promotions for your store by giving them the choice to sign up for alerts.

  1. Prioritize Inactive Subscribers

Increasing repeat traffic is one of the main benefits of using WooCommerce push notifications. These push notifications will help to reawaken user attention in places of media like SMS or emails. For this reason, you can use the segment function.

The last visit date feature is used by website owners to segment audiences and plan campaigns. An e-commerce website may send notifications of in-stock items, whereas educational websites may send notifications of discounts on new courses, etc. These push notifications could draw viewers and generate consistent, qualified traffic.

  1. Promote your Brand

When you have important brand news to share with your audience, use WordPress push notifications. This is especially important if you often add new products or renew existing products at predetermined times. Such notifications of new product releases, refill dates, and more! This is also a great way to increase sales.

You might unintentionally irritate your audience if you do not do a good job of keeping them informed about things like sale dates or resupply timings. Schedule these advertisements instead to ensure that you are promptly giving our audience all the information they require. You can schedule anything you want, even the notification expiration date!

  1. Timing is Essential

When a user first visits the website, it’s crucial to wait a while before requesting permission to send push notifications. Before they decide to take any action or connect with the store, give them a few seconds to browse the website and get a better idea of your business and your products.

You can quickly add a delay and customize the browser prompt’s timer so that it appears a short while after the buyer lands.

  1. Update the Order

Order update notifications are just one type of user-specific push notification that you can send. We all want to know the status of the products we purchase, regardless of where we shop. Use your imagination to send out push notifications with this information! Verify with the user when the order has shipped and been delivered after they place an order.

One of the easiest and most practical ways to deliver the information that people have come to expect these days is through WooCommerce push notifications. This keeps customers satisfied, increases brand loyalty, and is just one of many strategies you can use to increase customer retention rates.

  1. Web Push Notifications Segmentation

Your customers are special. The least you could do is divide them up according to their likes and interests if you want to speak to them individually. You can segment website visitors based on events, interests, or behaviors using WonderPush. How about encouraging visitors to a fresh Chinese eatery in the area who are browsing Chinese restaurants on your website? Or how about directing users who are looking for jackets on your website to the newest design? Segmentation is a very effective tool that can easily reduce user marketing spam to a significant degree.

Wrap Up

No matter what sector you work in, WordPress push notifications can help you interact with your audience. Increase website traffic by using WordPress push notifications to build customized marketing campaigns. Moreover, If you want to create WordPress push notifications with ease, WonderPush is the best push notification, service provider. Do try it!

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