8 Tips to Get Started With the Cryptocurrency Investment!

by Glenn Maxwell

Cryptocurrency Investment

Investing in cryptocurrency for the first time can be exciting. But the excitement doesn’t come with ease. Even the most experienced crypto investors experience challenges. Thus, you need to know these challenges and how you can navigate them before getting started in the industry.

Many think that it is as simple as investing in stocks. That’s why people learn how to invest in stocks before committing their hard-earned money to crypto. However, there are distinct and subtle differences between the two.

This article focuses on how to invest in cryptocurrency. It will provide the tips you need to get the best returns on investment (ROI).

Let’s get started.

1 Research Before You Start Investing

The first step to becoming a successful investor is becoming knowledgeable. You do not want to make wrong decisions that will cost you your hard-earned money. That’s why it is important for an investor to do proper research to learn about investment in cryptocurrency. You could also sign up for advanced courses online to amplify your knowledge.

Besides learning cryptocurrency, ensure you keep track of its possible changes daily. That will help you know what to do at a specific time. It will also make you better at risk management, thus ensuring you earn profits. It will help you avoid the common mistakes investors in the crypto world make.

2 Lay the Groundwork for Safety

Every investment comes with risks, and cryptocurrency is no exception. Blockchain, which powers crypto investing, is safe, but criminals are still preying on unsuspecting users. Thus, it would be best to work on sealing all security loopholes before you start to invest in the crypto world.

One essential security control is installing antivirus software on your computer. Also, you should have a dedicated email to trade with. Activating multi-factor authentication on the accounts, you use to trade is advisable. Last but not least, you can use a VPN to ensure online privacy.

3 Avoid Investing More Than 10% of Your Portfolio

One question many people ask is how much they should invest in cryptocurrency. Well, the amount you invest will depend on your trading approach. Some people take higher risks and are more aggressive toward investing. Most of them will invest a considerable sum without any worries.

In short, it’s only you who can decide how much to invest. But it’s always good to invest what you are willing to lose. It is advisable to invest about 10% of your net worth. Some people lose cars, homes, etc., because of poor decisions. Avoid trading loans or your life savings in crypto.

4 Open a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency isn’t physical like fiat money. It is virtual, and you need a digital wallet to store it as you spend. But it’s worth noting that what you store in a digital wallet isn’t actual money. It is a private or public key that you can use to receive or send money to other people.

Cybercriminal activity is rising, making storing money in digital wallets risky. Thus, finding a reliable digital wallet is vital for the best results. Every digital wallet comes with features that include a degree of security. Ensure you choose one that will deliver the best functionality.

5 Check Alternative Ways to Invest in Cryptocurrency

There’s no sure-fire way to make profits from cryptocurrency. Investing directly in cryptocurrency requires you to take various risks. The crypto industry is highly volatile, so you need to be sure you are ready for it. But you can also explore alternative ways of investing in this industry.

There are two indirect ways to invest in crypto – EFTs and stocks. Cryptocurrency has made an entry into EFT. The aim is to give investors alternative ways of investing. It is a straightforward way of investing money. You can also buy stock shares in any company that supports crypto.

6 Consider Market Caps

All cryptocurrencies have market caps which are the amounts one can invest. Beginners make some mistakes when considering market caps. Price isn’t the best indicator to use when looking to determine the growth of cryptocurrency. There are two significant factors that you should consider.

For instance, you can look at total capitalization. A high market cap makes it easy to determine the growth potential. Growth can also get implied by an increase in capitalization. You can know that a cryptocurrency is legitimate by looking at these factors.

7 Stay Up to Date on Cryptocurrency News

The best way to remain relevant in any industry is to stay informed. You might think that learning crypto the first time means you are informed. But the tech world has something new to learn daily. So, it would be best to stay updated with the latest news and updates in the crypto world.

There are various places to access the latest about this industry. You can read about it in blogs and magazines. Or, you can check white papers and ask questions in community forums. Social media is also an excellent place to learn, or you can listen to podcasts from industry leaders.

8 Pay Any Necessary Taxes

Many people think that cryptocurrency doesn’t get taxed. This isn’t true because the federal government treats cryptocurrency as property. Thus, you are responsible for ensuring that you pay all the taxes. This isn’t a lengthy process; all you need is to report to the IRS.

But it’s not easy to understand how crypto taxes work. You need to identify the complexities that are in crypto trading. The best way to ensure you know this is by consulting. There are several ways to consult tax professionals to help you get the expected results.


Those are some of the best tips to help you start as a cryptocurrency investor. You can now have confidence in your investment skills. The best thing about crypto is that you can never be late. If you are just getting started, be sure to take your time learning it from scratch.

Also, do enough market research to be sure you’re making the right decisions. Then do not put all your money in crypto even if you feel confident. It’s advisable to invest about 10% of your worth. Alternatively, you can invest in stock shares of the companies that deal with crypto.

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