Top 5 Major Goals Of A Cloud-Based Payroll Management System

by Glenn Maxwell

A payroll management system has to be goal-oriented. Be it on the cloud or offline. But mostly, firms use on-cloud and AI-backed systems today. It improves their predictability, forecasting, and overall user experience.

However, that’s only possible when HRs know the right goals to be met from such cloud-based payroll software. Therefore, it’s best that you continue reading this blog if you’re an HR person with similar needs.

In the end, you will understand why these five goals mentioned below are important for the payroll software of today’s generation. Basically, it will clarify your doubts about the features and long-term goals to chase and meet using this tool.

The Top 5 Major Goals Of A Cloud-Based Payroll Management System Are:

1.Enhance employee experience

Enhancing employee experience is the top goal a payroll management system should meet at priority. Users must easily and flawlessly register their data in the system. Other ways to amplify the user experience can be through the ESS portal.

Employees then should not have much dependency on HR. They themselves download the pending or current salary slips. Then, verify if their salary is on time. Moreover, they can directly connect with the concerned helpdesk from the system.

That means there are direct and transparent communication channels for solving customer or employee grievances. Such an online payroll system, India has to offer is unbeatable and favoured more by the workforce.

2.Embed itself with social intranet

A modern payroll software must include or integrate with a social intranet platform. This allows teams to connect in real-time. They solve each other’s issues without delays. Their information on salary and other payments can resolve and communicate forward.

This maintains a higher level of transparency within teams and amongst individuals. This feature is more helpful for HR teams and finance department teams. They will understand and know if the finances are on track.

They can share real-time reports and analyses. Make better payroll and financial decisions by participating in polls, surveys, and discussion forums. Developers and employees too can connect to make the system experience better at every touchpoint.

3.Integrate effortlessly with existing PMS

Cloud payroll software India ought to integrate with a PMS existing in the firm. Without that, it’s nearly challenging to transfer the right amounts of salaries to employees.

A PMS indicates incentives, bonuses, and penalties to be added to an employee’s account for a given payroll period. Such payments are necessary. These ensure employees that their contributions are heard, respected, and rewarded with the right amount.

It could be every month, or in every appraisal cycle. It depends on the promotional and incentive policies of the firm. Whatever is the situation or scenario regarding this, the payroll management system must get it right.

That is only possible when it regularly and automatically aligns with the given PMS. Otherwise, companies can take up uKnowva PMS along with its automated payroll software for double benefits.

This would ease their research for a better tool, honestly. And ultimately, a payroll tool has to calculate the right amount. That remains incomplete without recognising genuine employee efforts to complete their projects on time.

4.A unified and global payroll system experience

The next crucial goal for a payroll management tool is to give a global and unified experience. Because that experience can shape how the workforce feels connected to the firm for the long term.

When your company grows effectively well, it will start hiring people across counties. Because your next hire could be from anywhere in the hyperconnected and digitalised world.

In such a case, you need a cloud-based payroll software with a unified experience. It includes currencies and compliance suitable for the country where your next hire or employee works.

Moreover, your next payroll software must also add additional features like payment gateways, UPI codes, digital payment, etc. It should follow the current trends for regularly paying your firm’s workforce. There should not be any lag in that experience at any hour.

Also, the dashboards and the live reports this software generates must be useful for any HR admin or team leader. These could be present at any location or country. And each person should be able to access it with a similar user experience.

A modernised payroll software in India should also connect with various vendors and project managers/heads. This will give a way to rate and review the employee. Further, this rating and feedback help rollout correct and adjust salaries to employees.

In short, supply chain management or relationship management could also be a core part of a unified experience. That is because an employee deals with multiple people inside and immediately outside the organisation.

This relationship with various stakeholders can influence their monthly pay. So the software must be intelligent and automated enough to integrate with various stakeholders for the right pay of each employee.

5.Accessible whenever required without lags

Accessibility is one of the most prominent goals a payroll management software must meet in India. Teams must access the tool anywhere and at any time.

Their work usually does not stop. So they are required to update the payroll system any time whenever there is a new case.

The adjustments in salaries and incentives could be at any hour, especially at the end of the month.

In a diverse and decentralised firm, workers might be from anywhere. So could be the HR staff. But their possibility and capability to access the tool must not stop or be hampered. Because they need to use the software to edit, audit, and regularise every staff’s pay before paying the final amount.

It is the same requirement for different HR and finance teams prevailing in an entire organisation. Again, these could be in different business units. But an integrated and centralised system should be there to meet this goal.


From the five top goals a payroll management software must complete, HRs of new age and time must have a better understanding. In addition, they should know which type of software to invest in from hereon.

For example, the uKnowva automated and online payroll system, India is the best for new and growing companies. It thrives on flawlessly meeting all the goals mentioned in this blog post.


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