8 Words to Use Instead of ‘PAWG’!

by Glenn Maxwell

Have you ever heard of the term PA WG? If not, it’s probably for the best. However, the word has been trending across various social media platforms. So, what exactly does it mean? The internet slang term, ‘PAWG,’ is an abbreviation for ‘phat ass white girl,’ according to online dictionary sources like Urban Dictionary

While PAWG is meant to be a compliment, it’s clearly actually derogatory, objectifying, and sexist. This offensive use of language reduces women’s worth by placing insensitive emphasis on their bodies in an already hyper-sexualized digital world. Not to mention, it’s just plain rude and vulgar. How would you feel if someone described you in that way? The answer is probably not great.

There are plenty of other non-offensive words in the English language that would be put to much better use than PAWG, especially when describing women. So what words are best used instead? Keep reading for eight words to use instead of PAWG.


When describing a woman with rounder features, PAWG should never be used. It’s important to always be cautious and considerate when talking about another person. Instead, opt for a more admirable word, such as curvaceous. Curvaceous is defined by Google Dictionary as, “having an attractively curved shape (used especially of a woman or a woman’s figure).” As you can see, this is a much better term to be used in place of the objectifying term, PAWG.


Perhaps someone strikes you with their beauty, confidence, and figure. Rather than PAWG, you might choose to say statuesque. This word means, “(especially of a woman) attractively tall and dignified,” according to Google Dictionary. Statuesque is a kinder, less offensive way to describe a woman’s figure. 


Why comment on a woman’s body at all when you can simply admire the essence of her overall appearance and aura. After all, even if it’s a compliment said with positive intention, commenting on a woman’s body should always be approached seriously and cautiously. However, beautiful is a well-rounded and thoughtful way to talk about another person. Most people will appreciate being called beautiful, as long as it’s done respectfully. So, why say PAWG when you can say beautiful? Beautiful is always the better choice! 


If you must describe another person’s body, PAWG is certainly not the way to do it. Instead, you can use a word like shapely, which means, “(especially of a woman or part of her body) having an attractive or well-proportioned shape.” This is a much more polite and better way to talk about a woman with curves.


Another more straightforward way to describe a curvy woman without using the word PAWG is by using the term well-proportioned. Google Dictionary says this means, “having dimensions that are in proportion and give a balanced, pleasing effect.” Based on this definition, it’s clear that this is a more beneficial word to use instead of PAWG.


There’s always a better way to talk about a woman’s body than using the term PAWG. It’s true! Almost nobody would appreciate being referred to in such a way, so be mindful of what you say and choose another word. You might want to consider using full-figured instead. The definition of full-figured is, “(of a woman) having a plump or curvaceous body.” This definition is similar to the meaning of the term PAWG. However, as you can tell, it’s more respectful and less derogatory. 


What is the definition of built? It means, “(of a person) having a specified physical size or build.” This can be used alongside a variety of other words in order to specify what you mean. For example, you might say, “that woman is strongly built.” Or you might also say, “she is roundly built.” By saying built instead of PAWG, you can clearly communicate without worrying about offending another person. As always, it’s important to consider who might be listening and who you’re talking about. It’s likely that the people around you will have their own opinions about a term like PAWG, so it’s best never to use it at all. 


Instead of using PAWG to describe a woman’s appearance, you might want to consider using the word Comely. This is defined as, “pleasant to look at; attractive (typically used of a woman).” Similar to all of the previous terms already mentioned, this is a better solution for describing a woman or any other person in general. 

No matter what, there’s always a better term you can use to describe a woman or her body than PAWG. This should simply never be used, as it can be extremely offensive and objectifying. Instead, use any of the words above to better describe what you mean to say. Remember, if you don’t feel like you can replace PAWG with any other term, it’s best just to not say anything at all. 

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