9 best IG downloader online video and easy to use

by Carter Toni

In addition to using additional apps, you can also save videos from Instagram using the free IG downloader online.

Instagram does not provide the ability to download videos on Instagram, so we need an additional application or website to solve this problem.

Many people prefer to use IG downloaders online instead of third-party apps because of the way it is easier and more convenient to use.

They don’t need to download other additional apps on their smartphones. Especially for users with limited or almost full device space, of course, they prefer to use websites instead of installing more apps.

Well, for those of you who want to download Instagram videos without any hassle, in this article we have compiled some online IG downloaders that can be used.

The IG downloader online is proposed

Here are some Instagram downloaders online to download videos Instagram practical and free.


The first IG downloader online that you should care about is SnapInsta. This is a really good site to download Instagram photos and videos. It can work on any browser and any operating system without the need to use any additional software or support tools.

Using SnapInsta is extremely simple with only 3 steps. First, you need to copy the Instagram video link then go to this Instagram downloader SnapInsta, paste the link, and select download to Instagram video download. Finally, click “Download video” to download to your device.


The second IG downloader online that you can use for free and easily on Android and PC is DownloadGram. DownloadGram is very flexible as it can not only upload videos on Instagram but also photos to IGTV.

The way to do it is very easy, you just need to copy and paste the IG video link you want to download into IG downloader online, then click the Download button. The video, photo, or IGTV will automatically be saved on your device.

SaveFrom.net – Instagram Video Download Site

Next, you can use SaveFrom.net to download Instagram videos easily, free and fast.

This IG downloader online works not much differently from the previous application, you just need to copy-paste the video link on IG and then click the Download button.

In addition to downloading videos on Instagram, SaveFrom.net is also popularly used to download videos on other platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube.


The next IG downloader online is called DreDown. This site is equally good for reliable video downloads from various platforms.

Start from Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. So it is enough with one website, you can download from many platforms.

Downloading videos from Instagram or other platforms on this site is so easy that even beginners can do it.

Insta Downloader

As the name implies, Insta Downloader is specially created to download videos from Instagram. It is very suitable for use by users who do not want to install third-party applications.

How to save videos from IG with this site is very easy, users just need to copy-paste the IG video link, then click Download Video. Really very simple, right?


If some of the sites described don’t work very well, you can try another, which is DownloadVideosFrom.

The interesting thing about this IG downloader online video is that users can choose their own video download format, it can be MP4 and MP4 HD.


The next free IG downloader online video is ForHub. In addition to videos, you can also download photos via this site in the best quality.

How to save IG videos through this website is quite easy, you just need to copy the IG link and paste it in the column provided by ForHub, then press Download.

You can choose the video quality you want. But if you want good quality video then click on the HD option.


To download Instagram videos without an app, you can also visit Freedownloadvideo.net.

Tip, you just need to paste the link in the column provided by this site and then click the Download button. In addition to IG videos, Freedownloadvideo.net is also capable of downloading videos from other platforms.


The ultimate Instagram video download site is W3Toys, which is very easy to use, as some of the ones we described earlier.

This website can be used on a variety of devices, both smartphones and PCs or laptops. Interestingly, the IG videos downloaded through this IG downloader online are quite good quality.


It’s some of the best IG downloaders online and easy to use. I believe they will be very useful, meeting your needs. Try it out and let us know the results.

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