9 Example Application Blogs that Shifted Magazine Uses to Drive Traffic and Engagement!

by Glenn Maxwell

What is a Magazine App? How to Build an App through Magazines and Digital Media

Magazines have been around for decades, with their content and style of writing being very influential. The digital age has brought about the creation of apps that are meant to be used in conjunction with magazines.

The Magazine App is a digital publication that is created through magazine-specific content and design. Magazines can be published on any platform like mobile devices, tablets, or computers. They provide a unique experience for readers as they allow them to read and interact with the magazine from different devices.

Magazine apps provide a convenient way for consumers to access magazines in an easy-to-use format that does not require them to buy physical copies of the magazine. These apps also allow publishers to reach new audiences who would not have otherwise seen their publications on traditional platforms like print or online media.

The 5 Key Components of an App Successful on Shifted Magazine

The 5 key components of an app successful on Shifted Magazine:

– A Unique Topic

– A Feature that is not yet on the market

– User Engagement

– A Unique Design

– A Solid Marketing Strategy

Example Application Blogs for the Shifted Magazine Brand

The Shifted Magazine brand is an example of a publication that uses AI writing assistants to generate content. They are able to produce articles, blog posts, and email newsletters on the go. They use their AI writing assistants for the following purposes:

* Generating ideas for future content;

* Creating new editorial calendars;

* Automating routine tasks like checking spelling and grammar;

* Producing high quality content with minimal effort.

How Shifted Magazine Built its First Mobile App

The Shifted Magazine uses a mobile app to make sure that their content is always available and up-to-date. They are able to keep up with the changing trends in the industry by using AI tools and machine learning.

As a result, they were able to build a better user experience and engage more readers with their content.

This article talks about how the Shifted Magazine built its first mobile app. It also talks about how they used AI tools and machine learning to make sure that they were able to keep up with change in the industry.

What Makes an Effective Application Blog?

An effective application blog is one that provides value to the readers. The blog should provide a clear outline of what they offer and what they are looking for.

An effective blog should have a unique voice, a clear purpose and offer something different from the other blogs in their niche. It should also be easy to navigate and have an organized layout with use cases that are appealing to the readers. 

Make it visually appealing by including infographics, graphics, images or animations, etc. You can use tools like an infographic maker or any other free design tool for all your visual elements.

An application blog is not just about listing features and describing how it works. It’s about providing value by explaining how it solves problems, how it will improve your life or other people’s lives, or what you can do with it.

Which Platforms Does an App Need?

There are two main types of app development platforms: Native and Hybrid. Native apps are built for specific devices such as iOS, Android, or Windows. Hybrid apps are built for multiple devices including desktop and mobile.

Native apps allow you to build an app that is only accessible to users on one platform at a time. They also provide more control over the entire process of creating an app since they’re limited to a single platform. However, hybrid apps allow you to build an app that is available on multiple platforms at once while still providing the same experience across both platforms.


The writer of this content hopes that other magazine brands might benefit from the application blog format. It provides a space for them to explain their thought processes, and overall make their publications more attractive.

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