9 Things to consider before putting your home on the market

by Glenn Maxwell

We are glad that you have finally decided on selling your house. This might have been a vivid step but congratulations on achieving this milestone. Now that you are pretty sure of selling your property, it is essential to do the proper listing of your house in order to attract potential buyers. Be it from cleaning and repairing to depersonalisation and staging, you need to counter them carefully.  

In order to get a quick sale and desired value, you need to prepare your property and manage all the marketing impromptu that goes into selling a property. Here are the 9 best tips to consider before putting your property on the market.

Tips to Make Your House Ready to Sell

  • Thoroughly Research The local housing market

The first that lies while selling your property is doing proper research on the value it offers. You can hire estate agents in Bexleyheath to help you with the tips and toes of the entire selling process and curate the best deals for you.

In order to boost your sales process, you can research the property in your neighbourhood to get an idea of the current rate which will help in comparing the values. While comparing your property with others you need to check in several other factors such as area, location, water supply, etc and then list your price accordingly.

  • Search For a Listing Agent

Finding yourself a listing agent is a very crucial step when it comes to selling your home as it can either make or break a deal. Finding the potential listing agent is the key to getting the desired value of your property and making a successful sale. Getting a potential buyer for yourself can be a daunting task. When you are selecting one for yourself, ensure their experience.

  • Add Extra lights and Clean Up Your Space

When showing your house to potential buyers make sure you have essential lighting and fixtures so that you can craft a bright impression on your client. A brightly lit-up home radiates positive vibes and makes them feel new and energetic as nobody wants to buy a dull and bleak home. It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression and you don’t want to spoil the mood of your potential buyers with a dirty and messed-up home. Before and throughout the selling process, it is essential to monitor the cleaning of the toilets, surfaces, carpets, rugs, bathrooms and other essential stuff.

  • Declutter the Mess

The first step that lies in creating a beautiful space for yourself is decluttering your home. As minimal as it may sound, it helps in making your space look bigger and more organised. Decluttering your house anyway will make them look more appealing and tempting.

Decluttering your home will make it easy for buyers to actually focus on your home rather than on the knick-knack that it showers.

  • Shower Your Walls With Colours

A fresh and newly painted home can change the entire aura of your house and can increase the chances of your sale. Colours directly impact the emotions of an individual and can be a driving factor towards sales. Shower your home with those bright and tempting colours such as orange, pink, neon or blue depending upon your style. You can also go for subtle neutral shades for a rich and diverse feel.

  • Take That Quirky Staging For Your Home

Hunting for a method for making a kick-ass quick sale? Staging your home can be the quickest fix. According to various studies and experiences, staging your house has always boosted sales as discovered by experts. Upskilling your home is by far the quickest hack in fixing your sales. Place yourself in the buyer’s shoes and then think of their expectations. Although you may not be able to match every single buyer’s expectation, at least you can try to match and convince the maximum of them.

If your home is looking down, give them a boost by levelling up. Wash them with a fresh coat of paint, fix the grass, and arrange your kid’s toys to give them a clean and nice feel.

  • Get Yourself a Professional Photographer

Considering this fast-growing online world, it could be a stupid idea to not bid on your property online. These days most potential buyers search for property online, and having yours online can set you at par with other competitors and will make a better reach for your property. 

What could be a better demonstration of your house than a good picture? Pictures speak zillions about your home, and it’s important to get your home professionally photographed in order to make them look appealing and increase its chances of sales.

  • Look For Storage Unit

When you are on the verge of selling your home, it will require some massive decluttering, and you may want to store the unwanted objects somewhere else in order to keep your home clean and organised. The best fix to this problem is to rent a space temporarily in order to keep the unwanted items there until the sales happen.

  • Disassociation Of Your Personal Belongings

The key to creating a warm welcome for your potential buyers is to depersonalise your home a bit but not too much. It would be a bad idea to showcase all your belongings. Also it would be pretty unnatural to ghost the home. It’s better to keep a balance between the two.


Selling your house with these tips can make your sale lively and less tiring. Enabling a plan for yourself will help in reducing unwanted stress and sudden headaches.

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