9 Ways Robotics Are Being Used

by James Martin


Robotics is a field that combines both computer science and engineering. It is one of the most rapidly growing fields in the world at this moment. Robotics much like it sounds is related to robots. Robots are machines that can be controlled externally. They can be programmed to carry out tasks.

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Pop culture has always been fascinated by robots. We have seen it in countless movies and shows. Movies such as Star Wars, Wall-e, and Transformers have long captured the attention of audiences. Thus the question arises, are such concepts fiction? Or are they the future?


The Present

To understand anything about the future, it is necessary to understand the present. So is the case with robotics. The concept of robots has been present for a long time. However, this century has marked exceptional growth in this field. With advancements in technology being more rapid than ever, this field has also advanced greatly. In this article, we will be discussing the present-day usages of laptops and how they affect us.

1: Household Products

The popularity of robots can be seen easily through movies, shows and even in trade show booth rental in Las Vegas. This has reflected on their consumption as daily household products. As of right now, there are millions of consumer products that are purely robots. Some household devices such as the robot vacuum, cook bot, and many more have gained massive popularity.


2: Industrial

In the field of producer goods, the use of robots has become a norm. In the past manufacturing, goods required a lot of human resources. In short, it was a very tedious task. However, it has been made much easier now. Almost all large factories use robotics. Mechanical arms, pick and place robot and many others are now common in large-scale manufacturing factories. Another increasingly popular task that can be performed with the help of robots is molding. Since the introduction of mold masters hot runners, molding has become even more efficient.

3: Defense

Another field that uses robotics in this era is the defense industry. These intelligent machines are used to control many high-tech devices such as drones and missiles. Surveillance bots are also a very popular item in the defense industry. They are used to gather information or for routine surveillance while remaining under stealth.


4: Medicine

The field of medicine is highly dependent on robotics these days. Doctors actively use the help of robotic surgeries. Unlike humans, robots are not prone to making precision eros, thus making them very useful in surgeries. Other than surgical help, Robotic transplants are also very popular. People who have lost any part of their body such as arms or legs can get robotic transplantations. For example, someone who had their leg amputated might get a robotic leg.


5: Transportation

We all dreamt about a future where robots and drones would deliver stuff to our front doors. Well, the future is now. Corporations such as Amazon are using drones to do deliveries even today. This has opened up a new segment in consumer service.


6: Safety

What do scientists do when we’re unsure about going somewhere or trying something out? They send a robot. For many years robots have been our testing subjects. Whether it be space or on Earth, scientists always test out on robots. For example, if it is too dangerous to survey an area with landmines, we would send a robot to do it for us. Similarly, with space exploration, the martian rover is a prime example. Humans were incapable of going there physically yet so scientists sent a robot to learn about the conditions.


7: Robotic Friend

Robotics development has allowed for the production of artificially intelligent robots. Such robots have great usage in many fields. One Of the most effective uses of such robots is being a caretaker. For people who don’t have close relatives and can’t look out for themselves, robotic friends are a blessing. They help such people perform day-to-day tasks and also keep an eye on them at all times. Thus ensuring nothing bad happens unnoticed.


8: Education

Children are a major target for service robot manufacturers. There have been many cases where teachers have used AI Robots as assistants. They can help with small tasks such as teaching sounds and reading words.


9: Food Industry

Japan is one of the leading countries in robot technology. And a prime example of this is their usage of robots in the food industry. Robots are used to chop vegetables and even make sushi. Additionally, AI robots can work as servers, cleaners, and receptionists.



Robotics is a huge part of our society today. Whether you realize it or not they are used in almost every single field of life. From using a self-checkout lane to buying a ticket at a kiosk, you are interacting with some kind of robot.  With the advancements in technology, robots continue to be smarter and more efficient. However contrary to the Hollywood depiction, that does not mean a robot uprising will happen. Robots are harmless mechanical constructs that will do as instructed. In short, the presence of robotics is very bright and the future can be predicted to be even brighter.

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