9 Ways to Better Manage Sober Living!

by Glenn Maxwell

9 Ways to Better Manage Sober Living

After completing the rehabilitation period, a person is still at risk of returning to their old addiction. There are greater chances that the person will have a relapse even after recovery. Rehab will undoubtedly help you make new healthier habits and improve your quality of life. Sad to say, but the struggle doesn’t end here. You need to be extra careful and avoid anything that can bring back your old addiction. Nevertheless, If you or your loved one is seeking a life of sobriety, the below-mentioned tips might prove to be a great help.

  1. Change Your Surroundings

There is nothing wrong with saying that your surrounding influences you. In many cases, the people you surround yourself with become the reason for your relapse. Not just that, aside from your drinking buddies, some other relations that indirectly aid your addiction can be very challenging for you. To avoid this, you have to break away from them and find a better company for yourself.

In this case, your acquaintances from the rehab center will be of great help. Despite different background stories, you all have the same goal. You’ll find yourself helping each other in avoiding any mistake that can lead to a relapse. And If you are yet to get the rehab and looking for a rehabilitation center in Florida, a trustable rehab center like Delphi Health Group can help.

  1. Make Yourself Busy

You’ll be get constant urges after the treatment. To overcome that, keep yourself busy. The more your mind is busy with something else, the lesser you’ll fall back into bad habits. Continue the hobbies you once abandoned, or get new ones. Keeping yourself busy with something you like to do will possibly help. Indulge in positive activities only and keep away from toxicity. Go out and make new friends, visit your favorite place, or eat your favorite food.

  1. Set Future Goals

Setting goals for the future and working toward them step-by-step is another way to help with your post-treatment. Figure out what you want to succeed in life and plan daily goals. Try to make a list of your daily routine and stick to it. It’s good to set goals but remember to relax your mind and don’t overwork yourself. In any case, sobriety comes first, so work accordingly.

  1. Work on Healthy Habits

Try to build healthy habits to help you recover both physically and mentally. It can include healthy eating, exercising, and meditating. By improving your routine, you will recover the loss you had to bear because of your addiction. Substance use disorder destroys your health. Malnutrition and extreme weight loss are some side effects of alcoholism. Healthy food will help you recover physically, meditation will recover your mental health, and physical exercise will help in both. Making these habits a part of your daily routine will change your life for the better.

  1. Find a Substitute

A substitute for your addiction will help you with the urges. Sometimes your desire can be painful to handle. Instead of giving in to your impulse, find a substitute that will not harm your health, for example, chewing gum. A mocktail is also a good substitute that you can take I social gatherings. A mocktail is a drink that doesn’t have alcohol in it.

  1. Don’t Take Risks

While you are working on improving yourself, do not enter any risky situations. You will encounter moments where you would get reminded of the past. Remembering your past, when you used to be under the influence of a substance will increase your urge, and you might give in. Therefore, you should avoid such situations. Stop going to places where you used to drink. Leave people, places, or anything that is connected to your drinking habits and can trigger your urge.

  1. Try to Stay Calm in Every Situation

This is not something that you build overnight. The skill of remaining calm in every situation will build over time. You’ll have to practice ways that develop this thing in you. Meditation is one way to achieve calmness as it relaxes your body and mind. It increases the level of control you have for yourself. Another way is getting therapy sessions. It will help you relax and release your stress. You can also try reading, a hot bath, breathing exercise, or a massage. The ability to stay calm will help you overcome your urges.

  1. Deal With Your Guilt

Many people make mistakes when they are under the influence of some substance. You might have made mistakes and hurt people around you. After getting treated and taking a step toward a healthier life, guilt washes over you. Some people dwell on this guilt and think they don’t deserve a better life.

Stop hanging on to past since it might drag you back to your old habit. No matter what the past is, become a better person for yourself and your loved ones.

  1. Practice saying no to alcohol

You might have stopped drinking but the people around you sti drink. You cannot always avoid going out with them. Practice saying no to the drink someone offer. Make some solid or believable excuse so that no one can force you. If you’re not comfortable disclosing your treatment, you can always make another excuse. Excuses like “I’m supposed to go somewhere later”, “I have quit drinking for health reasons, “I need to wake up early”, or “I’m not feeling well” will help you get out of the situation.

The statistics show the percentage of recovery of alcoholics is about 36% in the first year, and the relapse percentage is 90% over the first four years. 65%-70% of the relapse occur in the first three months after the treatment. If you’re on the path of recovery, do not lose hope. The journey sure is demanding, but the reward is great.

Sobriety lets you enjoy everything to the fullest, whether relationships or any other experience. With a clouded mind due to the influence of alcohol, you cannot think straight or enjoy the actual moments. Apart from that, sober life is healthier and more balanced. Use these strategies to your advantage and recover soon.

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