A Complete Guide to Play Online Andar Bahar Card Game

by James Martin


Are you wondering what the Andar Bahar card game is or how to play it? Then you have landed on the right page as this guide is all about the Andar Bahar card game – how and where to play it. So without any further ado, let’s find out what this online game is.

What is Online Andar Bahar Card Game?

Andar Bahar is a popular and renowned Indian card game that is said to have originated in the southern state of Karnataka, named Bengaluru. It is a betting game that is traditionally played without any real money. Also referred to as Mangatha, Katti, or Ullae Veliyae, it is a quick and easy game to learn, having no limit to the number of players who can play the game.

Typically, it is quite similar to other online games that you would play with your friends or siblings. You may enjoy playing the game alone or with other online players. It is a fast, furious, and immersive game that allows you to try your luck either for free fun or real money thrills.

The best thing about this trending online game is that it’s completely portable. It simply requires a normal deck of cards to play the game. It does not involve any complications of gaming tables, chips, or wheels.

How to Play Online Andar Bahar Game?

Are you looking for ways to learn the rules of this online game? Look no further! This section of the article will help you know how to play the Andar Bahar card game. Just like several other card games, the outcome of this online gameplay relies extensively on your luck and partly on your guesswork.

A single deck of 52 cards is required to play the game. The players get a chance to choose either side of the table – Andar (the left betting side) or Bahar (the right betting side).

What is the Game Procedure?

Although being an easy and simple card game, Andar Bahar gameplay comes with certain standard rules and features that you should know before you start playing. The basic rules of this online game are as follows:

  • As already mentioned that there can be any number of players who sit in a circle surrounding a dealer. While the dealer is responsible to operate the bank, the players are responsible for placing bets, watching the deals, and receiving the winnings if any.
  • The dealer shuffles the pack of cards thoroughly, cuts them, and reveals one card face up. This is the card that should be matched.
  • Then the players start placing bets on whether a card resembling the same face value will appear in the left betting side ‘Andar’, or the right betting side ‘Bahar’.
  • In the case of a private game, the minimum and the maximum bets must be decided in advance. However, while playing a casino game, the house will determine the number of bets.
  • Now the cards are matched to the Andar and Bahar betting spots. The players will start dealing from Andar if the first card is a black suit (clubs or spades). However, the dealing will start from Bahar if the first card is red (hearts or diamonds).
  • In the case of additional betting, the players are allowed to place a final bet on either side after seeing the first two cards.
  • Then an alternate dealing starts on each betting spot.
  • The round comes to an end only when an identical value card to the first card is dealt with on either side.
  • If the player makes a bet on the correct side, then it is a successful win and the payout is given.
  • Any other bet apart from this is lost to the dealer.

Where to Play Andar Bahar Card Game?

Now that you know how to play the Andar Bahar card game, let’s find out where to play it. With the growing popularity of this online game, there is a remarkable increase in the platforms that offer online casinos. However, always ensure to play this game at a safe and regulated online site such as Fun88. You can browse their list for the best options and also check the regular promotions that they offer.

In case you are looking to play baccarat online in India or even roulette, there’s a number of games to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the games, now!


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