AACTA Awards 2024: Nominations, Highlights, Date, Venue, and Everything You Need to Know!

by Moore Martin

AACTA Awards 2024

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, commonly known as the AACTA Awards, is a prestigious event that celebrates outstanding achievements in the Australian film and television industry. The 13th AACTA Awards, scheduled for 2024, promises to be a spectacular showcase of talent, glamour, and accolades. In this article, we will delve into the key details surrounding this event, including nominations, highlights, date, venue, and where you can watch it.

AACTA Awards 2024: Honoring Excellence in Australian Film and Television

The AACTA Awards 2024 is an annual event that recognizes exceptional contributions to Australian cinema and television. Unlike previous years, the ceremony in 2024 was held in early 2024 to align with the global awards season and the international awards schedule. This adjustment underscores the AACTA Awards’ commitment to staying in tune with industry trends worldwide.

Evolving Award Categories

One notable change in the AACTA Awards structure for 2024 was the division of the Best Casting award into separate categories for film and television. This acknowledges the unique challenges and contributions of casting professionals in both mediums. Additionally, the Comedy Awards saw expansion, now including categories such as Best Acting in a Comedy, Best Comedy Entertainment Program, and Best Online Drama or Comedy. This expansion reflects the growing diversity and significance of the comedy genre in both film and television.

Nominations Galore

The nominations for the AACTA Awards 2024 were officially announced on December 8, 2023. This event unveiled the exceptional works and performances that received recognition for their excellence across various categories. Among the standout productions are “The Newsreader,” “Colin from Accounts,” and “Deadloch,” each receiving significant recognition with 15, 10, and 10 nominations, respectively.

“The Newsreader” leads the television categories with an impressive 15 nominations. This ABC drama not only competes for Best Drama Series but also earned lead acting nominations for Sam Reid and Anna Torv. Additionally, Richard Roxburgh and Hugo Weaving received Best Lead Actor in a Drama nods for their roles in the miniseries “Bali 2002” and Season 2 of “Love Me,” respectively. The miniseries “Love Me” itself is in the running for Best Drama Series.

“Colin from Accounts” and “Deadloch” are both recognized with 10 nominations each, contending for the title of Best Narrative Comedy Series. “Colin from Accounts” is particularly notable for its innovative approach, while “Deadloch” introduces a new category, Best Acting in a Comedy, where Kate Box has received a nomination for her role.

Outstanding Performances in Film

In the film categories, Warwick Thornton’s “The New Boy” leads the pack with 12 nominations. This includes nominations for Best Film, Best Director, and acting nods for Cate Blanchett and 11-year-old Aswan Reid. “Talk to Me,” a horror film directed by twins Danny and Michael Philippou, secured 11 nominations, while Noora Niasari’s debut feature, “Shayda,” is recognized with nine nominations, including Best Director and Screenplay.

Goran Stolevski’s gay romance “Of An Age” is also acknowledged with five nominations, featuring two Best Actor nominations for Elias Anton and Thom Green. The film competes with other outstanding performances, including Simon Baker in “Limbo,” Phoenix Raei in “The Rooster,” and Osamah Sami in “Shayda.”

Diverse Documentary Selection

“Ego: The Michael Gudinski Story” is nominated for Best Documentary, facing competition from “John Farnham: Finding The Voice” and “This Is Going To Be Big,” a heartwarming documentary following special needs children staging a Farnham musical. The category also includes documentaries covering diverse subjects such as Indigenous figure skater Harley Windsor, Indigenous author Bruce Pascoe, former Greens leader Bob Brown, and the Holocaust in Latvia.

Date and Venue

The 13th AACTA Awards ceremony for 2024 is scheduled to occur on the afternoon of February 10, 2024. The prestigious event will unfold at the Home of the Arts, located on the picturesque Gold Coast. This change in timing aligns the AACTA Awards with the global awards season, making it a celebration of creativity and excellence within the industry.

Where to Watch AACTA Awards 2024?

You can catch the AACTA Awards 2024 ceremony on Network 10 and Fox Arena, providing viewers with two platforms to witness the celebration of excellence in Australian cinema and television. The dual broadcasting approach enhances accessibility, ensuring that audiences across Australia can enjoy the star-studded event and witness the acknowledgment of outstanding talent in the realm of film and television.

AACTA Awards 2024 – FAQs

  1. When and where will the AACTA Awards 2024 ceremony take place? The main ceremony is scheduled for the afternoon of February 10, 2024, at the Home of the Arts on the Gold Coast.
  2. How can I watch the AACTA Awards 2024? The AACTA Awards 2024 will be broadcast on Network 10 and Fox Arena, providing audiences with two platforms to tune in and celebrate the best in Australian cinema and television.
  3. What notable changes have occurred in the AACTA Awards 2024 nominations? The AACTA Awards 2024 has introduced separate categories for Best Casting in film and television. Additionally, the Comedy Awards have expanded to include Best Acting in a Comedy, Best Comedy Entertainment Program, and Best Online Drama or Comedy.
  4. Which productions lead in nominations for the AACTA Awards 2024? “The Newsreader” dominates with 15 nominations, closely followed by “Colin from Accounts” and “Deadloch,” each earning 10 nominations. “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart” also stands out with 12 nominations.
  5. Who are some of the notable nominees for the AACTA Awards 2024? Standout nominees include Sam Reid and Anna Torv from “The Newsreader,” Kate Box for her roles in “Erotic Stories” and “Deadloch,” and Cate Blanchett for her lead role in Warwick Thornton’s “The New Boy,” which leads in film nominations with 12 nods.

Don’t miss the 13th AACTA Awards in 2024 as it promises to be an exceptional celebration of the Australian film and television industry’s finest talents. Tune in on February 10th to witness the glamour and recognition of top achievements in the field.

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