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by Glenn Maxwell

Barstool Sports has spat in the face of Philadelphians with its introduction of pardon my cheesesteak ghost kitchen, a countrywide virtual sandwich restaurant specialized in what resembles one cheesesteak. However, the likeness is as far as it goes, as you’ll see lower down the page. Here is the pardon my cheesesteak review that you would like to know now.

pardon my cheesesteak ghost

No disrespect to Barstool or these PMT guys, but there is no way in hell the cheesesteaks taste hardly decent. Half of the adjoining United States is now susceptible to this distortion of our city cuisine. Sure, it will be fine for Stoolies in certain places that don’t have outstanding cheesesteaks, but expanding franchises in PA, Delaware, and New Jersey is a direct attack on our principles. The pardon my cheesesteak review reddit happens to be one of the most important part here.

Some of you can think (wrongly), “put an end to your snobbish gatekeeping. A sandwich is all it is.” First of all, the cheesesteak is more than a sandwich.

Second of all, we are not being a snob by stating people shouldn’t eat this, particularly if there are other alternatives available:

What type of godless monster would willfully offer this to people. Barstool has gone miserably short of the mark here, and I can’t help but believe “pardon my cheesesteak – san diego” is simply another half-hearted effort to implant itself further into Philly society somehow. Also you need to know about pardon my cheesesteak yelp here.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the Barstool Philly account is advertising this as a respectable cheesesteak because of the Boston-based media company’s distance from Philadelphia. Know all the more with pardon my cheesesteak reddit here.

Opening a sports bar was a terrific decision, and I backed it wholeheartedly. This, however, is an altogether other circumstance. It’s closer to the “real fan” (social manager of Barstool Philly) showing up in odd spots in the city with signs. This is embarrassing.

Things maybe would not have gotten to this point if they had made a commitment to utilising healthier products and had operated as a small regional operation. Instead, an excellent pun is being thrown away on the spread of a ghost kitchen throughout the country. Disgusting.

We are fortunate that Eric Fink, the Prince of Hoagies and the Philadelphia Hoagie Commission member more generally known as the “Meat Man,” has given us with some further information on this culinary catastrophe. The pardon my cheesesteak menu is a real savor there.

If you went to Bertucci’s, how likely is it that you’d get a cheesesteak?

The answer to that query is a loud “no,” which is common knowledge among sandwich enthusiasts and respectable residents of Philadelphia. It is now too late to make any changes, therefore all of us will need to maintain an extremely high level of vigilance. Any establishment might be making these potentially lethal mixes of meat and cheese in the background.

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