All u need to know about YouTube premium

by James Martin

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing network on the internet, with a ton of free stuff to watch. If you can watch everything for free. Then why there is a need for YouTube Premium?

YouTube premium also known as YouTube Red was launched 3 years ago. YouTube offers this service to enhance the experience on YouTube. YouTube Premium is available in almost every country. Here is everything you need to know about YouTube premium.

Download any video to watch it offline

You can download YouTube videos and watch them when you don’t have internet. You can download videos through the YouTube music app and YouTube. YouTube also provides a YouTube kids app that can auto-download videos. But you can avail all these services only if you have a YouTube premium account. Remember that you can’t download videos through a laptop or computer.

To download a video just select the video and start watching it. Now, select the download button below the video. Select video quality and download will start. The tick icon will appear at the download button when complete.

Downloaded videos will remain in the library for 30 days only. After 30 days they will renew again only if you are connected to the internet.  Otherwise, it will be removed.  Some videos will not be downloaded due to the restrictions from companions.

If your connection is lost while downloading a video it will resume from the last point when you get online again.

Some movies, songs will not be downloaded due to restrictions from companions.


Advertisement free

The most essential feature of the YouTube premium apk account is that you can listen to songs and watch videos without the hassle of ads. On the free account, when you click on play video you always have to watch the ad first, But the YouTube premium account provides an ads-free feature.

Background play

One of the best features that free users can’t use is background play. You can listen to songs while using other applications or when your screen is turned off. It is available in the YouTube kids’ app and YouTube music app with a YouTube premier account.  You can’t avail of these services if those apps are not available in your country. By default, background play will be on.

To customize background play, go to settings, select the background play option under the “background and download” option. Select the on or off option. Background play will work only if your device is connected to speakers, headphones, or any external audio device.

Audio mode

If you don’t want to see a video, then you can also listen to audio-only. YouTube premium users can avail this opportunity.

Membership plan

If you want to upgrade to YouTube premium, Then you just need to pay 11.99$ per month. It’s a standard rate. The family plan includes 17.99$ per month. YouTube provides a special discount to students, they just need to pay 6.99$ per month.

Signup for the premium account

You will see many pop-ups for YouTube’s premium account on YouTube. YouTube provides a one-month free trial to its users. People who don’t see a pop-up, follow the following steps.

  • Login to YouTube, if you’re not. For this, use your Google account.
  • Open your profile.
  • Select paid membership from the menu list.
  • Select YouTube premium.
  • Select payment method, you can cancel whenever you want, but before 1 month. You won’t charge for this.

Download the YouTube music on your smartphone, click on the music icon then you will automatically sign in. Select your music choices and start receiving personalized playlists.


As a free user, you can listen to songs but you can’t download it, you can’t play them in the background, you can’t select audio mode, and so on. YouTube premium provides all these services at a very cheap price. You can cancel and rejoin YouTube premium at any time. Always check if there is any update available for YouTube premium, to get all benefits.

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