Almost Sisters Relationship Between Evaluna Montaner And Her Sister-in-Law Manuela Echeverry!

by Glenn Maxwell

By marrying Camilo Echeverry, Evaluna Montaner won not just the romance of her existence, but her whole family too. The Echeverries have great esteem for that youthful lady and love her like yet another daughter. Even Evaluna and Manuela Echeverry’s relationship – Camilo’s older sister – is much like existence buddies plus they make reference to one another as “sisters”. Manuela, who’s a superb chef, has assured on several occasions that Evaluna is much like “the little sister that God gave her.” We’ve for you personally a few of their most breathtaking photos together, they’re inseparable!

The Echeverry family

Camilo may be the boy of Eugenio Echeverry and Lía Correa. He’s a mature sister named Manuela, with whom he’s super close.

Evaluna and Manuela

Evaluna may be the only girl among her siblings. Her father Ricardo Montaner has Héctor and Alejandro, from the previous marriage, with Marlene Rodríguez, Evaluna’s mother, she’s Mauricio and Ricardo Junior, who make up the duo Mau & Ricky.

Getting not one other girl in her own family, Evaluna sees Manuela as yet another sister.

Evaluna Montaner and her sister-in-law in the kitchen area

Their relationship is really good that Manuela teaches Evaluna to prepare and provides her her best cooking secrets. The singer known Manuela as “my little sister.”

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Witness of affection

However their relationship of just about siblings goes further, as Manuela would be a bridesmaid at Camilo and Evauna’s wedding, last Feb. Within this photo in the day’s the marriage, Evaluna seems together with her as well as Manuela.

Manuela shared this selfie from the big day and supported it with a few beautiful words: “Celebrating an attractive love. An appreciation that perseveres, that dreams, that shines most of all. An appreciation that unites, that embraces, that grows … a privilege to become a witness within this existence of something stand out and to achieve the fortune of getting it near by for example and guide. they’re very lucky to possess one another. Thanks for visiting the Echeverry family @evalunamontaner !!!

The Montaners also adore her

The gorgeous relationship isn’t just using the singer, but Manuela is extremely preferred among the people from the Montaner family. Within this photo, Evaluna, Manuela and Marlene Rodríguez, Evaluna’s mother, appear.

Wanted by Mau and Ricky

Manuela also will get along well with Evaluna’s brothers and sisters, plus they form an excellent gang.

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Great teachings

Manuela is familiar with a lot of things from her youthful sister-in-law as well as in her social systems she doesn’t miss the chance to embrace Evaluna’s presence in her own existence. “Your method of being has altered my thought of a lot of things. Your belief has transformed my belief, you’ve illuminated my existence and my loved ones provides it with so powerfully that now I do not remember a existence that you weren’t, ”Manuela authored about her sister-in-law.

Almost of the identical bloodstream

There’s without doubt that Evaluna is extremely lucky to possess this kind of incredible sister-in-law, they’re like siblings!

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