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by Moore Martin

Find out more about Amanda Curry Maine USA, a barattendant at High Tide.

The High Tide Brewer posted the event # 551421333734179 on its official Facebook page. Amanda Curry’s benefit event takes place on May 19th/2023 at 8:30 PM CST. Over 594 people expressed interest in attending this event! In a separate section, you’ll find the link. Make sure you learn more about Amanda Curry. Did you know that Amanda Curry died in Maine United States?

Amanda’s death is described as follows:

It was shocking to hear about the tragic death of two young girls! The post on Facebook by @hightiderestaurantandbar reflected the unbelievable news. The post appeared on Facebook at approximately 5:00 p.m. CST on 11th/May/2023. In the post, it was stated, “High Tide will be closed this evening (11 May 2023) due to unforeseen circumstances.”

During that time, no one knew what was happening in the High Tide Restaurant. In his comment, one customer thanked God for having lunch that afternoon and hoped everything went well. It wasn’t kept a secret that Amanda died on Thursday. The post was read by a lot of people, but no cause of death was revealed.

High Tide Facebook pages announce death:

On the 11th/May, High Tide updated another post at approximately 7:00 PM. We hope you will be patient with our team as we begin to process the loss of one of our own, Amanda Curry. We send our heartfelt condolences to Amanda Curry’s family, friends and customers.

Despite the fact that Brewer’s post was not Amanda’s name, it was her picture. High Tide subscribers were stunned and took some time to comprehend what had happened. They finally expressed their sorrow for Amanda’s loss.

Reactions of customers:

In addition to more than six websites that discussed Amanda’s passing, the announcement received 1.1K responses, 149 comments, and 132 shares.

Her staff, Amanda Curry Maine , two beautiful daughters, friends, coworkers, the brewer, and communities beyond Bangor will miss her friendliness and hard work.

After Amanda served him twice as barmaid at High Tide, a customer described her as a kind, generous and hard-working woman who always had a big smile. He expressed his regret at Amanda’s passing.

Death date and place:

Amanda died before 5:00 PM CST on May 11, 2023, according to Facebook posts.

Death causes:

The cause of Amanda Curry Maineto’s death is unknown. There is no information available about Amanda’s health. The news of Amanda’s death was shocking to her family, friends and coworkers. It took time for them to recover.

Wiki for Amanda Curry:

The date of Amanda’s birth is unknown. Her recent family photos suggest she is between the ages of 32 and 40.

Amanda Curry Maine is an American citizen living in Maine. There are no details about her early life, including her parents, siblings, and husband. Information about her education, career, or early years is also missing.

  • Eye color: black.
  • Hair colour: Brown.
  • Skin complexion: Fair.
  • Height: >5.2 to 5.8 feet.
  • Weight range (approximate): >65 kg to 76 kg.
  • Ethnicity: White.
  • Religion: Christian.

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