An In-Depth Review of Google Nest Cameras

by Carter Toni

The great thing about Google is that it offers a wide variety of smart devices in its Nest product line. These smart products focus on two aspects: affordability and reliability. Customers can review all the specifications on FirstEnergy Home and choose a product that best suits their needs, and is within their affordability range.

Similarly, the Google Nest offers a wide variety of different smart cameras to choose from – ranging from indoor wired cameras, to outdoor security cameras, and even smart cameras with floodlights. If you’re looking to invest in a smart camera for your home security and are still unsure of what to get, here is an in-depth review of the types of smart cameras available in the Nest Camera range.

The Nest Camera

The Nest Camera comes in two variants: wired and battery-powered. Its battery-powered variant can be used as an indoor as well as an outdoor security camera. With its sleek design, it can be placed anywhere without the need for any wiring. Since it is IP54 rated, these cameras are weatherproof, meaning they can withstand rainfall, dust and snow. It is very easy and convenient to install by yourselves; you can either mount it magnetically or using its wall plate, screws, or anchors that come with the Nest Cam.

The Nest Cam provides a live video footage of the camera throughout the day and straight to your smartphones and tablets – through the Google Home app. However it only enables users to access 3 hours of video history for free. If users require more video history storage, they must subscribe to a Nest Aware subscription.

The specifications of the Nest Cam include video footage in 1080 HD, with night vision and a 130 degrees wide angle view of a room or an area. It also has the option of 6x digital zoom with two way audio with its built in speakers and microphone. So you can speak to whoever is at the other end of the camera, directly through the Google Home app on your smartphones and tablets. The Nest Cam will also send users alerts directly to their devices when it detects any vehicles, people, and animals, and can differentiate between objects as well. With a subscription to Nest Aware users can activate facial recognition as well, referred to as ‘Familiar Faces’.

The Nest Cam’s indoor variant is a wired version of the battery-powered one. It has all the same features as the battery-operated version but requires to be wired in. It also comes with an adjustable stand that can be placed on a wall or a table in accordance with the user’s requirement. The stand adds to the field of view being set right compared to the battery-operated outdoor version.

The Nest Camera with Floodlight

The Nest Camera with floodlights comes with the same smart camera as the above mentioned, but with added features: which includes a floodlight. There is one catch though; Nest Cam’s are available in two variants as we already mentioned but the floodlight version is required to be hard-wired to an outdoor fixture –that means you would require the wired variant. Installation of the camera can be pretty tricky to do by yourselves so it’s best to spend a little and get in a professional because it is worthwhile given the security benefits you would be getting from it.

The camera comes with motion detection features, because of which any movement in the activity zone will have the floodlights automatically light up and send alerts directly to your smartphones in real time. Additionally, similar to the Nest Cam it has the ability to detect and differentiate between people, animals, and vehicles. With the Familiar Faces feature that can be activated with a Nest Aware subscription of $6 per month users can get personalized alerts based on specific people. So the next time your neighbor Steve walks into your yard to get his cat, you would know, and you wont have to get up and check for yourself.

The Nest Aware subscription also allows users to receive sound alerts for smoke alarms, breaking glass, and even carbon monoxide alarms. They can also get the option to dial 911 directly from the Google Home app. At an additional cost for the Nest Aware Plus subscription, users can get 60 days of video history and 24/7 live recording. There is even a Privacy feature of the Nest Camera that includes an encrypted video feed which requires two-step verification in order to get access; an enhanced security system through the users’ Google Account and a green LED light that notifies users when the camera is capturing or streaming the live video feed.

The Google Nest Camera is what you would probably be replacing your old surveillance camera system with, and very soon we think. These devices bring with them a kind of smart technology that you wouldn’t have thought of before, and that takes your home security to another level – especially the outdoor Cam with the built in floodlight. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website and check out more on the Nest Cam specifications and prices.

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