What is Andre 3000’s net worth?

Net Worth: $35 Million
Age: 45
Born: May 27, 1975
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper
Last Updated: 2021

By 2021, Andre 3000’s internet worth is believed to become roughly $35 million.

Andre Benjamin “Andre 3000” is definitely an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor from Atlanta. He’s mostly is renowned for being an element of the hip-hop duo, Outkast, alongside fellow rapper Big Boi.

Being an actor, Benjamin makes appearances in a number of TV series’ and flicks for example ‘Families’, ‘The Shield’, ‘Revolver’, ‘Four Brothers’ and ‘All Is as simple as My Side’.

Early Existence

Andre Benjamin was created in Atlanta, Georgia around the 27th of May, 1975. He’s the only real child of merely one mother who offered property.

Benjamin is of Haitian-American descent. He’d many heroines he researched to like a kid which influenced him making music.

Benjamin increased in Atlanta, Georgia, East Point, and Bankhead. He attended Sarah Cruz Grade School, Sutton Junior High School, Northside Senior High School, and Tri-Metropolitan areas Senior High School.


Andre 3000 started his career by joining the duo OutKast.

Just 18-years of age, Dre and large Boi met track of a nearby production team ‘Organized Noize’, where installed out a cassette single ‘Player’s Ball’ on Arista LaFace Records. It later rocketed to number #1 on Billboard’s Singles chart.

The OutKast tandem was just getting began. Big Boi and Andre 3000’s collaboration made the other of rap’s most game-altering functions within the 1990s.

OutKast would also score smash hits with 2000’s crossover album, ‘Stankonia’ which peaked at number #2 around the Billboard 200 on the effectiveness of the chart-topping single ‘Ms. Jackson’ and 3 years later using the album ‘Speakerboxxx/The Romance Below (2003).

Andre 3000 experienced acting within the 2000’s, where he made an appearance on tv shows like ‘The Shield’, ‘Hollywood Homicide’ and ‘Four Brothers’. In The Year 2006, he and large Boi released a musical movie which stars OutKast inside a imaginary Depression-era occur 1935.

Andre 3000 launched a clothing line known as ‘Benjamin Bixby’ in 2008 which suits a collegiate football apparel look. Exactly the same year also, he released two solo albums ‘Think Differently’ and ‘Alter Ego: Mix Tape’.

Throughout his career, Andre 3000 has labored with lots of stars, including John Legend, Weezy, and Jay-Z.

How much cash is Andre 3000 worth?


Here are the best popular features of Andre 3000’s career:

  1. Elevators (Song, 1996)
  2. B.O.B (Song, 2000)
  3. Stankonia (Album, 2000)
  4. The World (Song, 2001)
  5. Even Just In Darkness (Album, 2001)
  6. Hey Ya (Song, 2003)
  7. Speakerboxxx/ The Romance Below (Album, 2003)
  8. Idlewild (Album, 2006)
  9. Chicago Worldwide Film Festival (Emerging Artist Award, 2006) – Won

Favorite Quotes from Andre 3000

“I think lots of African-American kids do not have fathers to educate them how you can dress, which means you finish up being trained by pictures in magazine and films. The thing is cowboys, Indians, old Hollywood films, Cary Grant. It impacts you.” – Andre 3000

“When the OutKast seem altered and that i began producing my very own records, I’d mirror things i believed that character doing that music would seem like. Because the seem had a little wilder, freakier and funkier, so did the garments. When the seem got modern-day, the garments altered again.” – Andre 3000

“I think it’s vital to exhibit style now. Nearly all style at this time would be to behave like it’s not necessary style whatsoever, so a lot of companies are becoming wealthy off clothes that appear to be torn, clothes that appear to be worn.” – Andre 3000

“Look at Scottish guys putting on kilts – you could think about them and laugh, but how they carry themselves, how will you? You are able to put on a few of the weirdest things and become awesome. If you think maybe inside it, that’s important awesome.” – Andre 3000

“I guess why many people proceed to New You are able to City: a big change, a brand new start. My kid discontinued to school, and my parents died-each of ’em in the last six years. I had been like, I’ve kinda outlived Atlanta. It isn’t like I visit the studio-I’m just hanging out putting things off and doing stuff I am not said to be doing.” – Andre 3000

“Tretorns began around the tennis court after which grew to become a street factor. Bixby was my first foray into design. To tell the truth, man, individuals were the very best occasions of my existence. I had been visiting the material shows in Paris, I’m flying to Hong Kong, flying to Italia. At some point, I had been in Hong Kong, there was an N.E.R.D. concert, that is Pharrell.” – Andre 3000


Andre 3000 is mainly noted for being among the Outkast people. His music has offered millions worldwide. There isn’t any doubt that his internet worth continuously increase within the next 5 years.

By 2021, Andre 3000’s internet worth is roughly $35 million.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff