Angie Smith Nhra Accident News In 2023: Angie Smith’s Racing Career!

by Moore Martin

Angie Smith Nhra Accident News

Angie Smith, the renowned NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle competitor, recently made headlines due to a harrowing accident during a qualifying run at the AAA Midwest Nationals. This incident left fans and motorsports enthusiasts concerned about her well-being. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding Angie Smith and the unfortunate incident that unfolded on the racetrack.

Introduction: Angie Smith’s Racing Career

Before we dive into the incident, let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with Angie Smith and her illustrious racing career. Angie Smith is a seasoned athlete hailing from King, North Carolina. With a successful career in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racing, she has achieved remarkable feats, including career-best high speeds of 197.77 mph and securing a title.

The Qualifying Run

The incident occurred during a qualifying run for the AAA Midwest Nationals, a prestigious event in the world of drag racing. Angie Smith was pushing her vehicle to the limit, hurtling down the track at a breathtaking speed of 198.93 mph.

The Accident Unfolds

Despite her years of experience and expertise, Angie Smith lost control of her motorcycle during this fateful run. The incident took place in the shutdown area, far from the view of the crowd and even the announcers in the control tower. It was a moment of sheer chaos and uncertainty.

Immediate Response

In the aftermath of the accident, safety personnel swiftly came to Angie’s aid. Although she was conscious and alert, the seriousness of the situation necessitated her removal from the track on a stretcher. The crowd watched in tense anticipation as Angie was carefully attended to.


Angie Smith was immediately transported to a nearby hospital for a comprehensive evaluation. As of now, her condition remains undisclosed to the public. Motorsports enthusiasts and well-wishers are anxiously awaiting updates on her recovery.

Angie Smith’s Racing Journey

Angie Smith’s career in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racing has been nothing short of remarkable. Alongside her husband, Matt Smith, who is also an accomplished racer in the same division, she has participated in numerous regional competitions. Their partnership on and off the track has garnered attention and respect within the racing community.

A Voice for Women in Motorsports

Angie Smith has not only excelled on the racetrack but has also been a vocal advocate for women in motorsports. In interviews and conversations, she has discussed the challenges faced by female racers, the importance of having female role models, and the pursuit of respect in a sport traditionally dominated by men.


The incident involving Angie Smith during the qualifying run at the AAA Midwest Nationals serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks in motorsports. As the racing community rallies behind Angie, we hope for her swift and complete recovery.

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1. What is NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racing?

NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racing is a high-speed, adrenaline-pumping motorsport featuring specialized motorcycles competing in drag races.

2. Has Angie Smith won any titles in her racing career?

Yes, Angie Smith has secured a title in her NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racing career.

3. How fast did Angie Smith’s motorcycle go during the qualifying run?

Angie Smith’s motorcycle reached a remarkable speed of 198.93 mph during the qualifying run.

4. Is Angie Smith the only female racer in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racing?

While Angie Smith is a prominent female racer in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle division, there are other talented female racers in the sport as well.

5. What safety measures are in place for racers in NHRA events?

NHRA events prioritize racer safety and have stringent safety protocols in place, including medical staff on-site and safety equipment requirements.

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